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Stress, Work stress? Keep a watch…you may sink


Stress – Commonly found among today’s generation. Stress, is found in kids (children), working youngsters and senior citizens. Here we will look into the ‘Stress Health‘ of your Work life.


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How many hours are you working a day? I am sure most of them are very tight scheduled that they are running out of time for family and friends. Few, also run out of time for sleeping or to de-stressing themselves out. What are the effects of over working your schedules? Let’s check them out here.

A regular time of 9 to 5 – 6 has been forgotten nowadays as they say there is lot of competition out in the world. You can ask any tight scheduled person working in any sector for some time now. Overworking your time is blessed with the addition of mobile phones and laptops in our regular routine. We see most of them working over their office timing to ensure they are well pleased in their position or state. How well do you think this can contribute to your health?

Many doctors do mention and agree that the world has its time spinning really fast and many are so much engrossed in their work that they tend to forget why are they working actually. Isn’t it that important that a man/woman works to keep herself occupied or for the welfare of the family? But, in midst of all this huddle and muddle they tend to forget that these could cause much pain in a very short time. There are many cases that are being observed in hospitals for admissions of men/women who are just at 30s are around it.


The only way to deal these problems is to make up a regular routine and schedule wherein you make sure that you do not work on a holiday or work too much over your regular office working time and very importantly making sure that you do not skip your meal. Studies show that depression and many disorders caused by stressful working methods can give raise to severity. In most times these can be so severe that they may need help from mental health professionals.


By stressing out yourselves and working continuously, you can give way for anxiety, alcoholism, depression and irritability. These happen when you are handling things more than that you are considered to be handling. Your mind starts getting tired of your continuous juggle.There could be very serious problems with your health if you do not de-stress yourselves out. This could cause enormous pain not only to you but, striking experience to your beloved family members and friends. Many are suffering from the common work procedures that they opt for. Many intend to be occupied so much that they are seen a little free only when they are out for a checkup at hospital due to this stressful schedules. These are the gifts of common work practices that are followed around by many youngsters.

It is very necessary that you do not surrender yourselves to the work pressure and make a jolly and healthy time at your work with lots of time taking off to burst your stress out. Let’s not forget that as far as your health is fine, nothing can take you down from where you stand. Lookout for these small times where you can actually gain and increase your creativity and excel in what, you can do much better and best in whatever you are doing.

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