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Why to use EXCEL application for work or personal data?

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Microsoft Excel

Have you been using Excel for some time? There are many and many who use MS Excel in their daily lives. Some could be using this for the whole day at work and some may be using this application for recording few details.

How much can you use this? This question can be very small in comparison to what use we can make of it. The excel application has wide features and options that, we can use these features and options into our daily activities connecting our business, work and personal data collection reasons.

I have been using Excel application for quite some time now. But, I have to confess, that I haven’t immersed myself too much into it lately. I have been very fascinated by this application which allows you and me, to deal with a very complex data and making use of the features and options we can arrive to a decisive conditional analysis of the data that we are working on or want to arrive at. There are several options one can think of in Excel application which would be of a long list if I have to mention it here.

I am also sure that this application is widely used all over the world for a reason or many. This application can turn your complex numerous data into much easier way of using it by just using the right formula as per your requirement. It is highly recommended to learn almost all the formulas in excel if you are a regular user of this application and also dealing with huge data. Huge data can be classified into several many ways but, for now let me not jump into it and keep it quite simple for assumption.

If you are from a sales background, you can compare your sales numbers month on month by using graphs to present it to your management or team. This can also provide insight on the target Vs achieved comparison for a team or individual team member. And, if you are one among the customer service business industry with in-bound calls to attend then, this application can be used to record your daily in-bound calls and track and summarize it to make a clear presentation of these calls (number of calls) in your presentation monthly, quarterly or yearly as per your interest.

What do you use this application for? This application can be used for anything and everything. Just give it a try and if you are one of those like me that are using this application for some time now and yet need some more details or help then do not wait for any moment and put in your words below here for me to get started on it.

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