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What is TCP / IP?

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) is a set of protocols developed to allow cooperating computers to share resources across a network. It was developed by a community of researchers centered around Arpanet. Certainly the Arpanet is the best-known TCP/IP network. However, thousands of networks of all kinds use it today.

TCP/IP is a family of protocols. A few from the family provide low-level functions needed for many applications. These include IP, TCP and UDP. Others are protocols for doing specific tasks, e.g. transferring files between computers, sending email, or finding out who is logged in on another computer.

Today when we are a part of any organization which deals with IT as a mode of transmission of information would come across these TCP/IP on their computers and laptops. TCP/IP is used for communication between two computers and laptops. Here, any information that is vital and organizational can be saved to one of the central server and logged in to for appropriate using.

These also, help other team members of your organization or any friend/partner etc to easily log on to your computer / laptop and use the information available on your computer. Most of the time, what we can see is that the computer or laptops can be easily accessed for online resolutions of any IT issues with the help of other softwares.

Do you have any such information that could be of good use? Then, nothing is stopping you to share it here. Just drop any information that could be of use to us.

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