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Weight Loss: Find your way to happiness and success. Will you?

Day 238/365 - Losing some water weight, I see ...

When you look into the mirror, what do you think of? Do you think that it would have been better if I had a little slimmer body than what you see in the mirror reflection of yourself? Then you are as normal as every other human person alive on this beautiful earth. The weight what you have gained has been accumulated by yourself and not that somebody has donated it to you. We also should acknowledge that the weight gain process is only understood and realized once we are few pounds heavier than that we were earlier.

What are the options that come to you once you feel you need to reduce some weight? As usual you may think that you need to strictly make up your mind to stick to some good diet routine. But, the amazingly confusing question is, which one? Do you know any of the diet routine or process that gives you instant and immediate results in weight reduction? Well, if you are as common as me and do not know the exact routine or process that needs to be followed for a better weight reduction program, It’s alright.

I have checked few search results in Google and could find as many sites that claim to have found the answers to reduce weight. Numerous websites and blogs also mention that actual work starts from within us, that is, it starts in our mind. The mindset is to be actually done before we continue to think or set goal on reducing weight.

Many websites sell wonderful products that help you reduce weight. But, you can see several variances in the time taken to reduce weight. Few guarantee that the weight reduction will be achieved in a time frame of 30days and some astonishingly claim to reduce few pounds (lbs) in a week’s time. Wow! That’s fantastic. Isn’t it?

How many of you have actually tried all these or some of these? I am sure if you are looking at reducing weight drastically then, I suggest you forget about this. This is next to impossible unless and until you damage your health so badly that you need another set of diet process to regain yourself to look better if not best health wise.

What one actually needs to realize before selecting, opting and starting a diet process to reduce weight? The weight reduction process needs to be started by understanding your body requirements and your regular habits.

For instance let us take an example of someone who is a regular outside eater. The reasons for doing so (eating outside) can be estimated at a very later stage as that is not important for now. You work 5 days a week but, you fuel yourself all the 7 days a week. So it is absolutely directing to your eating habits. You eat regularly outside and of course you shall not stick to one kind of food or restaurants. If you are a regular eater at a restaurant then, I am sure you do not eat the same food, day ON and day OFF. The restaurant you are regular at is being cooked by the same set of chef and cooking style. Which means every restaurant actually emphasizes on either of this: Health or Wealth.

What are the points that one needs to understand before selecting, opting and starting a Weight Reduction plan, can be seen below:

  1. Understand what are the aspects that are making you put on weight.
  2. Can you be able to change your body mass by just giving up some of your regular habit or making a slight change to it? If yes, then you do not need to undergo a rigorous weight reduction plan.
  3. How many pounds (lbs) are you planning to reduce?
  4. Is your increased weight due to non-exercising? If yes, then you can just do a little workout to keep the body mass under control.
  5. Are you sure you want to reduce weight? This is the most important thing you need to decide. In most cases people tend to agree to reduce weight and enroll themselves for the diet plans but, due to other reasons they tend to lose focus on it.
  6. Plan your habits and diet program just don’t jump in it.
  7. Be ready to accept changes but, rather keep it in slow pace. Drastic changes in a week would result in different health issues.
  8. Exercise and be stress free. A happy mind constitutes to a healthy body.

If you are fine and have set a clear mind on the above then there is nothing which can stop you from losing the unwanted body mass in you. You can check many products that help you to reduce weight but, make sure you see as many testimonials as possible from other users of these products.

There is always a way to change anything. So be optimistic and enjoy all the stages of reducing weight and keeping healthy. Also, it is important to know your views and I strongly believe that feedbacks really work so, let me know how feel about this and yes, if this had made any difference in your life. BE HEALTHY, BE HAPPY!


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3 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Find your way to happiness and success. Will you?”

  1. Davis says:

    First off, the normal weight for someone your height is roughly 120-125 lbs. I think you might be taking this too far. You should concentrate on eating healthy and exercise, not weight loss. Unfortunately, I sometimes don’t like to do things when I am unhappy about my weight. But, you can’t rely on weight and looks to gain your self-esteem. You need to focus on your thoughts and other achievements. If you do get down to 100 lbs, something else will pop out. You might want to get down to 90, you might want surgery, etc. You need to really find other ways to be happy.

  2. Jalia says:

    That’s not even 10 minutes well spent!

    1. Veruca says:

      I am totally wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

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