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Veggie and Non-veggie facts: Food habits or a mantra

I have been wondering about the ways we have our food habits. Many are Veggie and the retro the Non-Veggies as well. What makes them deal with these habits? Absolutely these should be the contribution in one’s life by the society and circles we live in. It is always the unbiased situation of where and as what is one born in this world.

Many friends of mine are vegetarians in food habits. I stress on food habits as my vegetarian food eating friends do not mind using leather (animal products) in their life style wears. I have always thought whether this makes them complete vegetarian? Well, that’s not what I want to explore at the moment and the result word is left to each one of you to decide.

I was going through one of the monthly issue of Reader’s Digest of Jan, 2011. An article ‘Non-Veggie facts’ connects with my thoughts about the battle of Veggie and Non-Veggie claimers and arguers. How does this impact on what one believes.

Veggie Burgers

Veg & Non-Veg

Many of my friends are vegetarians only at home. Some come out and taste all the non-veggie stuff in parties and get together meets.

Wow! Its yummy claims one of my friend, though it would be risky for me to mention his name here. Well, some facts about veggie and non-veggie are given below.

  • The colorfully delicious jelly dessert are made of gelatin, it is extracted after boiling the bones of hooves of cattle, horses or pigs. But there are many vegetarian jellies too, made from substitutes got from seaweed (carrageenan and agar agar), pectin and konjac.
  • Several cosmetics. Pearlescence, used for the shimmer look in lipsticks and nail polish, comes from fish scales.
  • Some skincare products, such as creams and lotions, may contain cerebrosides, which come from cattle, oxen or swine brain cells or other nervous-system tissues.
  • Cosmetic brushes might use goat, squirrel, horse or other animal hair.
  • Medicine capsules could be made of gelatin
  • Bone china contains bone ash.
  • Leather (anything from a-z): Alligator, buffalo, cow, deer, yak, zebra…
  • Alcohol, such as beer and wine (which may be clarified and stabilized) using one or more of the following: Albumin (derived from eggs), Chitin (from crabs and lobsters cells) or gelatin or isinglass (derived from fish swim bladder).
  • Silk. One silk saree requires putting atleast nine thousand (9000) silk worms into boiling water.

So, now you know some facts. I too got these facts, amazing facts about what we use in our day to day activities which, I am glad to share. Now you can decide what is right and wrong for you. The cycle somehow has to be rotating. I mean the ecological cycle.

Are you a Veggie or Non-veggie? What can you share here…?

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3 thoughts on “Veggie and Non-veggie facts: Food habits or a mantra”

  1. Sophia says:

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  4. Ethica says:

    BION I’m imperessd! Cool post!

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