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Top Retro Games worth looking back at in delight

Memories are always so much sweeter in the gaming world. Revisiting the past is never as delicious as when seeing how your present-day twiddling thumbs compare to when you were younger.

As everyone knows, vivid graphics and 3D sound are just fluff compared to the delightful game play afforded by the old computer classics. The further back you go, the more intuitive and just plain fun the titles were. Repton may have made its mark on the BBC micro decades ago, but its memory still makes an impression on me. Digging deep in the old grey cells (with the help of memory retriever Google) I’ve managed to re-lift the lid on some old classics that are well worth revisiting. I bet if you call your mates, or ask your parents, they will all say the same thing.

Retro Pinball: Pin your colors to this master piece

No list of retro classics would be complete without a pinball game. Retro Pinball is the 1993 title from Digital Extremes, which in my humble opinion was well worth the hours, if not days, of playtime I invested in it, but now it is reborn and is already touted as one of the most successful shareware games.


The current version lacks none of its predecessor’s charm and has added seven classic tables to help challenge your work productivity even further.

The original creator James Schmalz remains on board and has helped keep graphics fresh as well as boosting the gaming experience by adding more pound to the sound.

Some other features have been added to whet your appetite and hone your competitive spirit too. There are the much heralded Game Center Leader boards  Please don’t get sucked into trying to compete on them, however, I have almost missed two deadlines as a result of my ambition. There are just some kids – big or small – out there that just can’t be beaten by us mere mortals. Instead save your energy by simply trying to beat your saved personal bests.

Karate Champ: Packs a punch!

This is a beautiful game which once offered the world revolutionary concepts that are now generally associated with all Karate games. New concepts have been added but Karate Champ retains its simplicity, this makes it easy to play and enables users to use the right tactics while taking on an opponent.


Chiefly what catches the eye is the incredible graphics and receptive stroke controls. The latter, in particular, draws you in and makes this arcade game very competitive. And its horde of loyal users has never hesitated from trying the updated version. The trick is that the designers have managed to keep changes to a minimum and retained the original spirit of Champ. Suddenly you are able to jump kick, block those pesky kick attacks, and even, gulp, move around! Try it out and you will know what I’m on about.

Mappy: Of Mice and mental

This side-scrolling plat former achieved noteworthy popularity when it was released in 1983 by Midway games. I personally felt like the cat that got the cream when I picked up Namco’s re-released later version. The popularity of Mappy may have something to do with the fact that it centers around a police mouse who moves around, stopping intrusive cat burglars.


Unlike the other games reviewed here, the new version of Mappy has had no major changes made to the tools, although items such as new carillon and whistles have been included. The soundtrack is also both absurd and implausibly excellent. I strongly urge using headphones if you have anybody with sensitive ears within hearing distance, especially an older angry brother.



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