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The most used shortcut keys for Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook provides a wonderful interface which can allow us to make necessary arrangements in our communication along with reminders, meeting schedules and stuffs like that. We all know that Microsoft Office Outlook is one of the most used interfaces in email application. For now I will not get in detail as to how Microsoft Office Outlook works but, would discuss the most used shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys help you to navigate and use the application at ease and be productive at the same time. Using the computer mouse for every action would only consume some of your precious time and also could make a delayed action on the piece of work due to hand movements from key board to the mouse pad.

Shortcut keys do allow you to be on top among your colleagues and friends. These simple yet effective shortcut keys will help you learn a lot of new things if you haven’t been using them. In short it is the power of strong communication and being on top of your applications and features that are available with Microsoft Office Outlook.

I am sure you would be eager to know which one of these did you know and been using for some time now. So here it goes…

Shortcut Keys Description
Alt + S Send the e-mail
Ctrl + Enter Send the email you’re composing
Ctrl + C Copy selected text
Ctrl + X Cut selected text
Ctrl + P Print selected text
Ctrl + K Complete the name or e-mail being typed in the e-mail address bar
Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection
Ctrl + M Send and Receive all
Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + R Reply to an e-mail
Ctrl + F Forward an e-mail
Ctrl + N Create a new e-mail
Ctrl + Y Go to Folder
Ctrl + Shift + A New appointment to your calendar
Ctrl + Shift + O Open the Outbox
Ctrl + Shift + I Open the Inbox
Ctrl + Shift + K Add a new task
Ctrl + Shift + C Create a new contact
Ctrl + Shift + J Create a new journal entry
Ctrl + Shift + V Move folder

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