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The App Industry is Booming

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems have created an industry worth billions of dollars, virtually out of thin air. While most of us may like using our smartphone’s built-in organizers and games, many of our needs are also met by third-party applications. The application industry, primarily catering these to operating systems, developed rapidly within a short five years and has already been responsible for the creation of 466, 000 jobs in the US alone. Phone applications of one sort or another have been available since the phone was created, but the launch of Apple’s App Store, in 2008, revolutionized the market.

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Applications could be bought and downloaded instantly. Most mobile operating systems followed this successful model, with the Google Play store emerging as chief competitor in 2008. However, the competition was indirect, as App Store applications were not compatible with the Android platform, and vice versa. From April 2009 to July 2011, Apple’s App Store grew from a modest 1 million downloads in the first year, to a total of 15 million downloads and counting. App Store users can download applications for a number of devices; iPod, iPhone, and iPad product families. As the range of products increases, so must the number of application downloads.


Android Market was introduced sometime after the launch of the App Store. The numbers of unique devices that are capable of running Android applications are in excess of one hundred; ranging from point-and-shoot cameras to tablets and mobile phones. This is Android’s major advantage, apart from its incredibly accessible, open-source software.  However, according to a report by Developer Economics this year, applications on iOS have a greater revenue generating potential, as Apple customers demonstrate greater willingness to pay for applications. Regardless, Android has recently over taken iOS as the leader in mobile application downloads.

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The latest Windows 8 mobile operating system is set to disrupt this young market. According to the hype, it is primarily targeted at the mobile market, and developers will undoubtedly be eager to launch applications for this platform. In the first few months post-launch, growth in Microsoft apps is expected to be monumental.

Amazon has recently launched its own Android App Store, and this is emerging as a trend. A larger number of online outlets will significantly increase Android’s customer reach, and further dwarf Apple’s share in the market. Overall, the future of the applications market is brighter than ever; a 39% compounded growth is predicted annually, taking the size of the application economy to $31 billion by 2016.The rapid growth of the  industry, and its benefits, indicate that mobile computing offer much to society at large.


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