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How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

In my previous post I had showed you how to temporarily deactivate your Facebook Account. Here you can see options on How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account. Before you straight away jump into action and delete you’re Facebook Account Permanently, let’s see at some of

How to make use of your Android phone as a webcam

Webcams and video chatting has become very essential and you never know if any of our family member or a friend is quite far from us, geographically.  I don’t see anyone these days calling it being far off to each other. Instead, we say that

Top 10 Countries with High Speed Internet

No doubt, the power of internet is immense. However, the power of internet could be at the peak if it is supported with High Internet Speed. And to let you know some countries are completely at peak in their internet power with a speed of

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Six future technologies already here

From a ball with a camera embedded, to a flashlight that is powered by body heat, to a contact lens that zooms on its own — See selected six from the future that are already here: Garmin Smartphone HUD In-car GPS navigation requires one to

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How to increase speed of your Computer

It was time for me to change my old PC and shift to a brand new model and new species of computers around with tremendous speed and huge data space in hard disks. If you did like me then for sure you would have also

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Apple iPhone 5 – Tech spec

The launch of Apple iPhone 5 has been awaited since long. Here it comes with a pack of all good stuff though you cannot consider it to be a ‘WOW’. There are several changes made in iPhone5 than its predecessor. Here are few things that

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The revolution of Books to E-books, does this change your interest in it?

Books give us knowledge. It could be in a form of actual physical book bought from a nearby store or the E-book that we browse around in the worldwide web. There are many e-books that are making waves. There are several e-books available for free

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Why to use EXCEL application for work or personal data?

Have you been using Excel for some time? There are many and many who use MS Excel in their daily lives. Some could be using this for the whole day at work and some may be using this application for recording few details. How much

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