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How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

In my previous post I had showed you how to temporarily deactivate your Facebook Account. Here you can see options on How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account. Before you straight away jump into action and delete you’re Facebook Account Permanently, let’s see at some of

How to Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account

In my earlier post we had discussed on How to delete/deactivate Google account which was useful to many. Now it is time to get to know how to deactivate (Temporarily) your Facebook Account. Facebook has been used by millions across the world for socializing with

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Indian Government Charges Google, Facebook and Others

  For the first time, Indian prosecutors are taking Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other networking sites to court for refusing to remove material considered insulting to Indian leaders and major religious figures. Government officials are upset about material insulting to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, ruling

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Cyber space and social sites

I stepped into one of the cyber center as I was away from home and office for a print out. What shocked and surprised me, was the numerous people waiting to use the comp that had internet connections. Most of them were students or school

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