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Honey, I am home! (6) Six simple benefits of honey

Honey, is stored as a food or drink ingredient in many homes. These not only give a wonderful taste that nature has gifted us but, also has many medicinal benefits which may not occur to us at first instance. Honey and its benefits have been

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Stress Health – How to manage stress?

In my earlier blog you have come across on issues how stress is built up or how it affects us? Stress is a situational factor. We might come across stress in any form and any place. This could be related to Work (this is very

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STRESS, Health – Important Factors

Are you stressed? Or do you know someone who is stressed? How can you know someone who is stressed? Many such questions will arise in your mind when we think of Stress. How important do you think it is to understand stress? Well, I would

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Pneumococcal Disease and its prevention

Facts every parent should know about Pneumococcal Disease and its prevention 1-      What is Pneumococcal Disease? Pneumococcal (pronounced as new-mo-cockle) disease describes a group of illness caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pneumonia, also known as pneumococcus. It is a serious infection that occurs most commonly

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Do You Eat Chicken? Know your food… | Health Benefits

I have been eating chicken since my childhood. But, ever since then I have never thought of knowing the actual benefits of eating chicken. The skinned chickens hanging around in the chicken shops and many are around available in cold storages across the country and

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Veggie and Non-veggie facts: Food habits or a mantra

I have been wondering about the ways we have our food habits. Many are Veggie and the retro the Non-Veggies as well. What makes them deal with these habits? Absolutely these should be the contribution in one’s life by the society and circles we live

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Bananas: Internal and External Benefits

A walk to the nearby fruit stall and you can eye bananas. Banana is a very healthy source of energy with lots of sugar (glucose, fructose and lactose). These can increase your energy level instantly. I, considerably eat bananas regularly though not every day. Bananas

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Weight Loss: Find your way to happiness and success. Will you?

When you look into the mirror, what do you think of? Do you think that it would have been better if I had a little slimmer body than what you see in the mirror reflection of yourself? Then you are as normal as every other

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Plastic bags: A new era of recycling

A new era of recycling is been followed in India from now. There are no plastic bags that can be used which are not recyclable. This is actually very good news for our ecological balance. Our Environmental health is not going to recover from damage

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Tomatoes are good for you…just try this!

  When we are out at a vegetable store or on the market on a weekly basis, we come across heaps or packs of red tomatoes. What are tomatoes? A vegetable or a fruit? Well, this is quite interesting to know that tomato is actually

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