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How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

In my previous post I had showed you how to temporarily deactivate your Facebook Account. Here you can see options on How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account. Before you straight away jump into action and delete you’re Facebook Account Permanently, let’s see at some of

How to Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account

In my earlier post we had discussed on How to delete/deactivate Google account which was useful to many. Now it is time to get to know how to deactivate (Temporarily) your Facebook Account. Facebook has been used by millions across the world for socializing with

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Facebook Video Calling – How to get started

In my previous post about video calling on facebook (fb) in hands with Skype was determined to make waves. Now, that this has launched good and feels great to be a part of this I have noticed that most of us are still unaware of

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Facebook (FB) – How safe is it to share videos and photos?

Have a face book (FB) account? Sure, you do. Many of us add the best profile pictures required for socializing in which our friends from all over the world could look at your newest pictures. This is one of the best parts of FB that

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Facebook (FB) Video messages – A new trend

I am sure you use facebook for socializing, a virtual social platform. Are you a rigorous user of facebook? Well, facebook with millions of users absolutely is one of the best socializing platforms in this generation. The tech and comp has reached to its peak

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Face Book (FB) – Skype Collaboration to provide Video Chat online

What have we been doing with FB all these days? May be leaving a status message or uploading photos, videos and sharing some of the important and pleasant things with our network of friends. Notifications are being sent and received for the games you like

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