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How to keep your android devices running like new with little effort?

Androids are all around today and these make a very handy partner to stay connected with all your friends. Though, these have become a very integral part of our daily lives sometimes, these android devices get so sloppy that you notice that your android device

Ten (10) Smart apps to cut down your phone bills

I still remember the timeswhen we had to really think of phone calls through ones mobile is to be made or was it ok to personally meet and speak up with the person.  Most of us did not forsake a phone call for disinterest but,

Facebook Games Apps: (3) Three Top grossing online games today

Facebook has not only provided us a social platform to connect with friends and loved ones but, also has made several provisions to keep us stuck to them. Some are great sharing possibilities to add on events and now Facebook games apps that are in

Seven (7) best uses available today for WEB CAMS

Webcams these days are surplus and they don’t even cost high enough to be away from them. You can find webcams with different shapes, models, colors and of Megapixels. We can easily opt for a webcam for an economical price and start using them for

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Smart Phones, Tablets : Tips to Increase your Gadgets Battery Life

When using gadgets such as smart phones and tablets we come across a very common issue – Low battery. As the applications and OS that’s running on your gadgets eats up all the energy at the time when you least expect it. Specially, if you

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Apps on Smartphone helps you save 22 days of time per year

I have been using smartphones for some time now and yes, these apps on smartphones have greatly saved my time when seated or on the move. These apps are just wonderful and several tasks can be completed without much a hassle. A report was published

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ReMINEd: Your Visual Wish List App

Guest Post: By Jhen Enriquez Christmas is near and I bet you already know what comes to mind with this most-celebrated season—no other than your long and never-ending wish list! Who doesn’t have one, right? Advance Merry Christmas! AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. has come up

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Apps / Utilities to keep duplicate emails free from your device

We use emails for communication these times. Sometimes we have to undergo situations where a single email is received or sent more than once. This results in multiple emails of the same subject and communication. These do provide information that it intends to be but,

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FaceBook App: Kamicat Football 2012

Facebook app: Kamicat Football 2012: If this is the football season then here’s the one that can keep you occupied for some time for sure. Kamicat Football 2012 available on facebook in one of games that can keep all football lovers stuck to fb and

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The App Industry is Booming

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems have created an industry worth billions of dollars, virtually out of thin air. While most of us may like using our smartphone’s built-in organizers and games, many of our needs are also met by third-party applications. The application

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