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Smile all the way with nature, family and peace of mind.

How do you spend time with your family and friends? I mean real quality time. I wandered about in a picnic spot with my wife on a Sunday, after a long tiring week at work. What a splendid way to spend your stress busting time with your family and friends.

As I walked through the green garden with spotted flowers of different species, I felt a smooth blowing air kiss my hands and welcome me to the place where the smiling dolls of nature are nurtured. Amidst this are the numerous families who have come to spend their time and enjoy the togetherness with the nature. I am sure each one of us would have spent such quality time with our family or friends. The moments are unforgettable indeed.

The lush & serene beauty of all this is simply fantastic and so soothing. It gives a cooling effect to your eyes and mind. Why do most of the families tend to gather for such spots and spend time together? As we all know that out there is a competitive world where one has to strive as hard as possible to be in light and race of survival. These are the times when we tend to forget most of race tactics and come in unity with our family and friends to spend a better time than the regular days.

I notice the splendid idea of creating such beautiful place and the notions of our ancestors was not different and expected us to share this enormous positive time in a place as such like this. You find several trees growing since decades and you take a sleek shade beneath them in the scorching sun. I mean this as the day I visited these picnic spots was a real hot summer day.

Have you ever been to such garden or picnic spots? There can be many around in the world and several in your local hometown. Every spot of this kind is rejuvenating. If you find time and feel it is necessary to have a quality time with nature and family. I suggest you plan something to a picnic spot which will give you a new insight on togetherness and beauty of every small thing around us.  After all, what we need is peace of mind and a healthy environment for our loved ones.


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John Anthony

John Anthony

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He lives in Bangalore, India & works for a service industry.
He is an aspirant. He likes blogging, reading, photography & learning new stuffs.
John Anthony

5 thoughts on “Smile all the way with nature, family and peace of mind.”

  1. Blondie says:

    It’s wondreful to have you on our side, haha!

    1. Pete says:

      Patrick in PulaskiI agree with the life and death are greatest gifts but im not so sure about love because yes love is given and received from multiple people, but some people in the world go through life with out love and also denying love from others becuase they feel there better off. I am not one of those people of course my life is filled with love from friends and family. But high school is not very filled with love in your sophomore year well it is but not for me. Especially since the only openly gay guy in my school is me. I use to hide the fact that i was gay no one belived me of course and they use to pick on me for it, but now im out and the only thing stoping me from running down the halls with a gay pride flag is that now no BELIVES me so I just like what ever i give up lol all i need is my friends beliveing in me and they do so. So any way back to the main topic which is the last greatest gift which I think is music becuase i think that love is not universal and i think music is beasuce music is something everyone can enjoy love is not.kk well thats my story of my life.liven life<3 Patrick

    2. Tik says:

      Youthful thoughts (I reebemmr mine); they seem to make perfect sense even when they are not formed from ultimate truth. For so many, truth is variable because we all tend to form the world to fit our beliefs. Despite this, the wisdom imparted with age will evoke a change in that thinking.My wisdom does support Love as the greatest gift because its source is Devine. Life and Death are both illusion because the spark of your existence is eternal. Beyond the perspective of lives in this form, two other things stand out as being gifts of the Devine and outside of illusion, Free Will and Self Consciousness.I believe that it is these three things that separate us from other forms of life, it does not make us better but it is a statement of the unique reason for which mankind was created. Our path through Life is just a few points along an eternal path of progressive advancement as we approach our source. If you make the mistake of seeing all life as equal in this process, it is possible to arrive at the conclusions presented by our beloved moderator…

  2. SRIKANTH says:


    1. Delores says:

      Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as information should be!

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