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Smart Phones, Tablets : Tips to Increase your Gadgets Battery Life

When using gadgets such as smart phones and tablets we come across a very common issue – Low battery. As the applications and OS that’s running on your gadgets eats up all the energy at the time when you least expect it. Specially, if you are on move and you are not able to connect your gadget to the charger point or PC USB.

Well, these are expected when you use gadgets such as smart phones and tablets as these run a lot on back end operations of apps and stuffs. Here, I am trying to help you out with some of the small yet effective 6 tips that can save your battery life for the last moment when the gadget is actually required at the most.

These steps cannot boost your battery life to the full neck but, can give you some extra time to last until you find some socket to plug in your gadget for charging around.  By using these tips has made my gadget last longer than the usual battery life.

Brightness Level:

Display is one of the biggest battery drainers on a phone. Instead of opting for automatic brightness in settings, manually set it to 40-50% in order to conserve battery.


Keep the phone and tablet’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and 3G connectivity switched off when not required.

Uninstall Apps: Remove unused Android apps

Various apps run background processes that constantly consume battery. If you are not using a particular app, it’s better to uninstall it.

Haptic Feedback:

The vibrating feedback from the phone every time the touchscreen is used might feel nice, but switching it off saves battery life.

Battery Doctor:

This free app is available for iOS and Android. It shows which apps are consuming more battery and the remaining battery time of the device. The Android app also lets you do one-touch optimization of the battery.


Carat is available for both Android as well as iOS and shows how much power each running app is consuming. After a week’s usage, it starts giving recommendations on phone usage to improve battery life.

If you would like to share some more tips that can increase your gadgets battery life then, there’s nothing that’s holding you long. Just go ahead and mention your tips in the comment form below. This would help many others to save on their gadget battery and stay connected.

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