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Sharing Photos: Free Android Apps to Compress Images

Are you one among those who like me finds it difficult to share images on social networks, emails, photo sharing sites and messaging services due to its file size using your android smartphones? Well, I did face some issues due to this, until I came across these 3 free android apps to compress photos.

While sharing photos/images on social networks, photo sharing sites, emails and instant messaging services, it is useful to have compressed images as they would help you save some bandwidth. Compressing images would obviously degrade the image quality to some extent, but it can be a necessity while uploading images on weak 2G connections.

However, if you want to reduce the size of the photos or images then, check out the following free Android apps.

Image Optimizer

Out of the three apps listed here, it offers two different modes to compress images. One makes sure that it does not play with the image quality and get the job done, and the other compression does pull the image quality to a level down (generally, unnoticeable) but does a substantial reduction in size. It supports JPEG and PNG formats.

Hipix Plus

When we talk about compressing images, all we think of is reduction in image quality. But this app actually changes the source format to hipix file format which ensures that the image quality is maintained but the size is reduced. It’s simple to use, which adds so much to the whole functionality of the app.

Reduce Photo Size

As the name suggests, this app is just meant to reduce the size of the photos. Apart from compressing the images by playing with the image quality, it also lets you crop an image which also has a good effect on the size reduction. A straight forward app, it does not have any other services to offer and may prove to be good choice to meet your requirements.

Do let me know if these have helped you and /or you have some other free android apps which can reduce images and feel it needs to be shared among many then do let me know in the comment column below.


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