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ReMINEd: Your Visual Wish List App

Guest Post: By Jhen Enriquez

Christmas is near and I bet you already know what comes to mind with this most-celebrated season—no other than your long and never-ending wish list! Who doesn’t have one, right?

Advance Merry Christmas! AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. has come up with a special gift for all goal-setters out there. Presenting ReMINEd, your visual wish list application.


With ReMINEd, you can now store and review all your material desires with just a simple swipe of a finger. It serves as a virtual storyboard wherein all your target items are presented in a cool and convenient way. With this app, getting your desired items will no longer be just a dream because you, yourself, are in-charge of making it happen. The free version called ReMINEd Lite allows you to store up to five wants while the ReMINEd’s full version lets you add an unlimited number of wants.

Set your goals and buy that special something

  • Desire – Think about all your desired objects, whether it’s an expensive watch, new gadget, a house, or even a car—the selection is endless, you just have to choose your wants. With this app, you can just enter the name of the object of your desire to save it in your very own Mine Box, a place where you can find all your existing wants.
  • Visualize – Strengthen your desire by capturing an image of it. ReMINEd provides you with a chance to add a picture from your camera or grab a photo online so you can always have a look of your desired items at any time and anywhere.
  • Prioritize – Set your priorities straight by indicating the level of priority for each desired object. Moreover, you can set an alarm to alert you of the target aquisition date. This feature will eventually help you attain your wants in no time.
  • Attain – ReMINEd pushes you to save a certain amount of money  in order to avail your wants. It also helps you to set your desired goals effectively.


I want this and that!

I personally believe that it is innate for us to be tempted with the luxuries available in the market nowadays. From gadgets to clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries, and a lot more, we really can’t help ourselves but be amazed with their beauties and functionalities. Luckily, there’s ReMINEd now that works as our guide to making our dreams into realities. However you may want to call it but ReMINEd really helps you to be inspired and motivated in getting your must-have items. Our list of wants won’t end on Christmas anyway so let ReMINEd be your personal reminder all year round.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Apple App Store today and download ReMINEd Lite version for free or purchase the full version for only $0.99.


For Android users, ReMINEd will soon be available on the Google Play market so please watch out.


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