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Process of Link Removal to Avoid Google Penalties

Are you a website owner? Has your website traffic and ranking dropped in the recent months? Did you get an unnatural link message from Google? If the answers to these questions are a yes, then there are high chances that Google’s algorithmic and manual updates have impacted your website negatively. If you feel that your website has been hit by Penguin or bad link penalty, then you will have to seriously look at link removal services.

You will have to look at some reputed link removal companies that have the right tool and expertise needed to recover your website penalty. By and large, successive results can be obtained only when the bad links are removed manually. Automatic removal may be quick, but it may not be accurate and there are always some chances of slips. There is a Disavow approach that is considered to be one of the best automated approaches to bad link removal; however, the success rate is not as high as the manual processes.

In the manual link removal processes, the link removal companies will directly contact webmasters via emails and social media profiles to get the bad links taken off. If you are in need for a bad link taking off service, you will have to first understand the manual process completely. In the first step, the link removal experts will do a back link analysis by using various tools such as Link Detox, Majestic SEO, Cognitive SEO, Google Webmaster Tool, Remove’em. The link removal experts will then contact webmasters through emails, website contact forms, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other effective means to request them to remove the bad links.

Here there is an important question that you need to ask. Why will the webmaster take extra effort to get the links removed? Well, in most cases, there are incentives offered so that they webmasters are benefited in terms of remuneration. Regular follow-up with the webmasters is needed here since these webmasters have a lot of other things to do as well. If there are some bad links that have not been removed, then a Disavow file is created to remove the bad links. In the Disavow method, a re-consideration is submitted to Google for a second consideration.

Most website experts will tell you that bad link removal for your website is still important even if your website is not affected by the penalty. To keep you and your website secure from future algorithmic updates, you will have to consider a link audit and a bad link removal process. When you are looking at link removal solutions, you will have to look at full services that will efficiently recover your website from Google penalty.

Most link removal companies will provide services such as Link Profile Analysis, Backlink Data Extraction, guaranteed Link Removal, preparation of Disavow Files, Link Removal Processing, Google Re-Inclusion, and Legal Proceedings (DMCA). If you have some special needs, you will have to convey it to the link removal companies or experts.

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