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Plastic bags: A new era of recycling

Two types of small paper bags

A new era of recycling is been followed in India from now. There are no plastic bags that can be used which are not recyclable. This is actually very good news for our ecological balance. Our Environmental health is not going to recover from damage caused earlier but, this decision of using only the re-cycle plastic bags or the paper bags will stop damaging our environmental health further.

There are numerous reasons as to why one has to say NO to plastic bags (non-recyclable):

  1. These block most of the waterway passages in and around our neighborhood which causes several, civic ill hygiene.
  2. These spoil the soil where our fruits and grains are grown.
  3. These plastic bags are not bio-degradable which, means that this would take thousands (1000’s) of years to degrade naturally.
  4. Plastics have been mistakenly eaten for food, by our animals and birds. Our animals are endangered by this.

If usage of plastic (non-recyclable) bags is so harmful then, it is wise that we do not spoil our own home, country and world.

If you are thinking about the medium that are to be used if the plastic bags are banned then there are several other ways that one can opt for.

  1. You can use paper bags. This can be easily recycled and if not easily bio-degraded.
  2. Usage of recycled plastic bags helps us to not to increase danger to our home, this world.
  3. Usage of jute bags is also advisable.

Nothing can be as beautiful as the gift of this world to us. And to keep this wonderful world in good shape and sound is our utmost responsibility. I have bought a paper bag for myself, have you? Think wisely…

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7 thoughts on “Plastic bags: A new era of recycling”

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  3. Adrian says:

    KUDOS for giving THE BOOT to PLASTIC bags, Jack! Can’t wait for Earth Fare to open in Tallahassee!! I agree, about nosohicg paper over plastic, but we could do without both if we get creative about it. In addition to canvas bags and totes, I bring jars and stack-able reusable plastic containers w/ me, weigh them at the customer service counter when I enter the store, and use those for bulk items. (I do this for leftovers in restaurants too.) See-thru fabric bags w/ draw strings are available now for produce. I bring a couple of large cold-insulated totes in the store and gently pile my produce in there, then sort it out as it’s being weighed at checkout. If you sort it as the cashier is weighing, it doesn’t slow them down. I have one small thick fabric bag I always use for eggs. I keep a couple of coolers in my car, load produce into one and other cold items into the other. Then I can run errands without worrying about food spoiling in the car. I bet, if we think about it, we can each come up with creative solutions that work best for us. Thanks for giving us this forum to share ideas about protecting our planet. Hey, maybe this could be another idea for an Earth Fare contest, Jack!Tallahassee Lassie

  4. Lefty says:

    This information is off the hziool!

    1. Vinny says:

      Shoot, who would have thought that it was that easy?

  5. says:

    This makes sense, but we cannot stop businesses and other groups from using plastics. What we can do is to dispose this correctly or donate it to groups that recycle plastic materials.

    1. Sukey says:

      Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff online.

      1. Buckie says:

        This article achieved exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

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