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FaceBook App: Kamicat Football 2012

Facebook app: Kamicat Football 2012: If this is the football season then here’s the one that can keep you occupied for some time for sure. Kamicat Football 2012 available on facebook in one of games that can keep all football lovers stuck to fb and

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FaceBook App: Angry Birds

How many of you like to play Angry Birds on your smartphones and iPhones? This would have never got better than adding this App on FaceBook. Yes, finally this favorite game app is available on FB. The Red birds are angry on the pigs who

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The App Industry is Booming

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems have created an industry worth billions of dollars, virtually out of thin air. While most of us may like using our smartphone’s built-in organizers and games, many of our needs are also met by third-party applications. The application

Top 4 Free Android Travel Apps

Portable devices like smartphones and tablets have changed the way people travel. Whether commuting to work, or going on vacation, having an Android tablet or smartphone is a must. With the rapidly expanding app market, there are hundreds of travel apps available at your finger

Apple iPhone 5 – Everything you want to know about

Apple iPhone 5, was what my earlier blog was about. Though my earlier blog covered most of the specs about Apple iPhone’s pretty new device, there was something still pinching me from inside to detail a little further. Screen: The iPhone 5 now has a

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Apple iPhone 5 – Tech spec

The launch of Apple iPhone 5 has been awaited since long. Here it comes with a pack of all good stuff though you cannot consider it to be a ‘WOW’. There are several changes made in iPhone5 than its predecessor. Here are few things that

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How to Rotate Screen view in Windows 7

I was working on my laptop and partially playing around with my kid (having fun with a 6 month old boy). After sometime when he left with laughter and smiles on both our faces I discovered that he had done something with my laptop by rigorously knocking

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Stress Health – How to manage stress?

In my earlier blog you have come across on issues how stress is built up or how it affects us? Stress is a situational factor. We might come across stress in any form and any place. This could be related to Work (this is very

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STRESS, Health – Important Factors

Are you stressed? Or do you know someone who is stressed? How can you know someone who is stressed? Many such questions will arise in your mind when we think of Stress. How important do you think it is to understand stress? Well, I would

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What is TCP / IP?

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) is a set of protocols developed to allow cooperating computers to share resources across a network. It was developed by a community of researchers centered around Arpanet. Certainly the Arpanet is the best-known TCP/IP network. However, thousands of

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