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Three of the Best Notebook Bags: What Features to be on the Lookout For

Notebook computers are an excellent way to remain mobile while staying productive — but they are also fragile machines that need to be transported with care. That’s not going to happen if you’re toting your notebook around in a recycled grocery bag or sticking it

Tablet or Notebook: Choosing the Best Tech Accessory for your Lifestyle

Choosing a computer was once upon a time a considerably easier and simpler job. But today, consumers are presented with an ever-widening variety of computer options and brands. If you are looking for a portable device, you could now choose a small stylish new notebook,

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ReMINEd: Your Visual Wish List App

Guest Post: By Jhen Enriquez Christmas is near and I bet you already know what comes to mind with this most-celebrated season—no other than your long and never-ending wish list! Who doesn’t have one, right? Advance Merry Christmas! AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. has come up

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Apps / Utilities to keep duplicate emails free from your device

We use emails for communication these times. Sometimes we have to undergo situations where a single email is received or sent more than once. This results in multiple emails of the same subject and communication. These do provide information that it intends to be but,

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Top 4 PC/MAC Tools to keep your Mobile Phones Contacts and Data backup

In continuation to my previous article about Top 4 Cloud tools to keep your mobile phone contacts and data backup. I bring more to the options now to your personal computer. Your computer can be your secret machine where you can back up your entire

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Top 4 Cloud Tools to keep your Mobile Phones Contacts and Data backup

One can use the latest mobile phone for a good time but, as time passes there are many technological changes and upgrades that make your present mobile phone outdated after some time. Our interest appears on the most upgraded mobile phone and we opt for

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Banking Services On Your Mobile Phone

We all have been connected to banks in our lives for quite long. There were times when the technology had not been on its peak as it is today. Those days the banking system was completely based on paper work and manual inputs. But, what

The Era of Online Games

Online games are increasing in their popularity and reach. I would not hesitate a bit to mention ‘This is the era of the online games’. Most www users are either busy playing their favorite game online or downloaded game from online availability. Many games are

Online Translation Tools VS Translation Apps – An Online Tower of Babylon

The world communicates in up to 7,000 different languages. With an increasingly global economy and easy access to different cultures via the internet, the need for high quality translation tools is ever increasing. English might be the international language, but this has not, as yet,

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How to dye clothes naturally at home with family and friends

Dyeing clothes at home is one of the best things one can do to push your free time to something experimental. Just to make you feel better, if you are a parent then it is best to involve your children in this activity which they

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