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Paces of iOS5

I was recently checking out the Tech corner of the local newspaper ‘Deccan Chronicle’ where I couldn’t hold back to pass through this article. This is one of those parts where a lot of tech savvy information is collected and contributed by most of tech field experts. So here I bring the info for all of you.

The iOS home screen.

iOS Home Screen

Apple recently launched iOS5 (October 12), releasing its new mobile operating system (OS) as a free download for its iPhone (3GS to 4S), both versions of its iPad and the 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch devices.

They have claimed to have added over 200 new features, though major user-accessible ones seem to number around 22. The rest are probably things you don’t need to really care about.

After completing the lengthy upgrade, you ‘ll find a few changes in store; most noticeably, there are four new apps.

“Newsstand” is like a virtual magazine rack for storing virtual magazines. You have to buy the issues, so keep that in mind before you add all of the available magazines in the App Store.

“Reminders” lets you set and sync reminders; nothing revolutionary here. It may be a bit disorienting at first, though.

“Messages” is the iOS alternative to BlackBerry Messenger and the popular cross-platform WhatsApp – unlimited free rich text/image messages across iOS5.

Twitter integration is another feature they’ve added; go to “Settings” and then “Twitter” to start tweeting at the speed of light. Other changes include subtle “Store” buttons at the top of the video and music lists for iPhones and iPods, improved email tools like rich text editing, improved mail management, etc. iPad owners will find a “redesigned” music app; they’ll also be able to stream videos to Apple TVs like their iPhone-carrying friends.

A major change is the notification centre, which one can be pulled down from the top status ribbon by swiping. Customisable, non-intrusive notifications (other-wise missing from iOS), and it all works really well. Then there’s an option to sync stuff online to the iCloud, and a more attractive feature to sync over Wi-Fi to the iTunes software that’s living in your PC.

All in all, there’s no reason not to upgrade to iOS 5. It’s free, with a host of new features that make iOS more a compelling reason to buy an Apple product on its own, but it does contribute.

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