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Make money online…is there a way?

I must say that some of us are very lucky and indeed reaping some good income monthly. I am going to congratulate on your success of being a part of PPC / PTC (Pay per click / Pay to click) and its success. There are many such individuals around who are happy and kicking off in a positive way to receive their first payouts from some genuine websites. I am sure you will continue to receive many such payouts in the near future which, is waiting to smile at you.

Next what? Hmm… this seems a wrong question at this moment of time when you are actually having a good time reaping your hard work and smart work. I do not only call this smart work as we all know what and how have we spent our times until the day of payout has come. Waiting eagerly and securing each and every small penny into the account provided by the PPC website. I am sure this has been a long wait but, something is always better than other.

I also would like to tell that the PPC sites that have paid you are genuine, truly genuine and that’s the reason you have received your payout now. I can imagine the smile on your face when I say that it was your choice towards genuine market players and not the fake or spammers. I am happy for you. But, what about those friends of ours who has waited and waited and unfortunately waiting yet? Some of us have been decisive enough to choose what we expected and have finally got. Few, are still waiting for a reply from some of the PPC sites that aren’t bothered to pay or reply courteously.

This is one of the annoying times when you have done your part of hard work and you are not being replied or acknowledged. Why does this happen? What mistakes have these friends who are trying to make some money out of these sites are not being answered? I actually do not know. But, a little research with my friends who have been a part of these small time and fishy network of PPC sites do answer this. The concept is very clear. How many days are you going to enquire about the payouts which will not be more than $2 – $5? Absolutely, this will mean a couple of weeks or a month of knocking. Then you tend to find some other way to make money to pay your bills and several other things that are actually bothering one’s personal life.

This is what some of the PPC sites are all about. Some just come into the worldwide web and then make a heap of money that most of the people tend to leave or give away after knocking and requesting for some time. One day they just vanish out of the market. I am not sure which these websites are but, this is what has been happening when I have gone through a little research with some of the known and some completely strangers past subscribers. Of course, it was not easy for me to get some good information about this until I had to stress more.

What am I trying to arrive at is that not all are scammers but, do not forget that every genuine business is copied to make a spam out of it. If the real business does not exist then absolutely the spam copy of it would not exist. It’s our wise or so decision that can keep us moving smiling along the way to this business opportunity. Now watch out. You know what your opportunities in this are. Well, everyone hopes for good and I wish the same to you.


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John Anthony

John Anthony

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He lives in Bangalore, India & works for a service industry.
He is an aspirant. He likes blogging, reading, photography & learning new stuffs.
John Anthony

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