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Aakash Indian Tab

Tablets are more intense in this era. Everyone and all want to have and possess the most required technology in hand. The new Data Wind product the Indian tablet in the market – Aakash (Let’s review this)

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On Thursday, Data Wind released the commercial unsubsidized version of its low-cost tablet, Aakash, the result of efforts by IIT Rajasthan, the HRD ministry and of course, Data Wind itself.

The inexpensive tablet has a 366 MHz ARM processor with 256 MB RAM, a 7-inch resistive touch screen, Wi-Fi standards a/b/g supported, two regular USB ports, a standard 3.5 mm audio input/output jack along with 2 GB internal memory. Too little you say?

Expand it with a 32 GB micro SD card. The USB ports will support devices like 3G dongles, wireless keyboards and flash drives.

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It supports MS Office document formats, comes with Android 2.2 Froyo and its apps, as wells as a PDF viewer. Watch you videos, listen to music and share you photos on this made-in-India tablet. There’s also a dedicated YouTube app, along with an integrated web browser (called the UbiSurfer).

There are various accessories available for it, too, like a keyboard case, external antenna and a car charger. It charges via a regular AC adapter.

However, I have a few reservations that I wish to share. The device, targeted mainly at students (who, if they’re studying in government institutions, will get a discount) will need to have a longer battery life than the projected three hours. Additionally, in January we’ll welcome the UbiSlate 7 (unofficially “Aakash 2”). Wish a significantly faster ARM Cortex A8 processor clocked at 700 MHz, and updated OS and improved battery life all bundled in an extra Rs. 500, the UbiSlate looks like a far sweeter deal than the current offering.

As a side note, I’ve seen people complaining online about how it doesn’t have Bluetooth, a camera, motion sensors, and the likes. This seems obvious as it’s priced at Rs. 2500, and they’ve got to sacrifice something. The tablet’s strengths are clearly the open source OS, the cheap price, and the roles it can play as a task manager, eBook reader, mobile browser and a presentation platform (via a USB).

Source: Hyderabad Chronicle 

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  1. Carlos says:

    the pcudort is already a failure and sibal plans to make moneyfor himself and sonia via this tactics The subsidised phone targeted at rural students has no gprs facility and it not a phone also the commercial version has both this facilities kapil is trying to act smart showing concers about rural people but the true story is something else moreover rural people have no do the plan to charge thier tab..

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