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How to Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account

In my earlier post we had discussed on How to delete/deactivate Google account which was useful to many. Now it is time to get to know how to deactivate (Temporarily) your Facebook Account.

Facebook has been used by millions across the world for socializing with your family, friends and loved ones. Many are so addicted to Facebook that they are stuck with it for hours on their comp, laptop or mobile phones. However, sometimes these can be annoying to a handful of the users who would have thought of taking a break from the most famous Facebook interactions. To those who want to take a break from their addictive social platform at Facebook.

It isn’t a great issue or time frame that you can deactivate your Facebook account temporarily. However, you need to note the following to make sure you are doing the right thing the right way for a right reason. Am sure you will take your time in understanding what this entire option means.

When you opt to deactivate your Facebook account, your profile and all other information associated with the account disappears from Facebook immediately. People and friends will not be able to search for you or see any of your information on Facebook anymore.

However, Facebook has also kept an option to revive your account after a break or when you seem to change your mind to come back and use the social networking platform. All you need to do is re-login using your account Login details to have it restored. Restoration of your account includes that of your photos, friends and other information associated to your Facebook account.

It is not a risky mission to deactivate your Facebook account as you can always restore or revive your account anytime by just re-logging again with your User credentials. You can deactivate your Facebook account by following these simple steps on your Facebook Account.

Deactivate to turn off your account for as long as you want:

  1. Click the account menu at the top right of any Facebook page
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click Security in the left column
  4. Click Deactivate your account

If you make up your mind to Deactivate or Delete your Facebook account Permanently then read the following post How to Permanently Delete your Facebook Account

I am sure; these simple steps have been helpful to you to take a break from Facebook for a while as long as you need to. You can let me know or ask for any information in the comments below.

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