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How to make – Recycled Paper at Home

From gift wrappers to business cards, recycled paper is now a common sight. And, it is something one can make at home. What you need is waste paper (newspapers, ordinary papers, printer papers, etc., but not charts, note covers, laminated sheets or cardboard), a mortar and pestle, a flat lid from a box, a thin cloth, a mat, water and buckets.


A stack of manila paper.

Step 1: Tear the pieces of paper into small bits and put them in a bucket. Pour in some water and let the pieces soak for 2-3 minutes. Now take a few soaked pieces of paper, put them in the mortar and grind until they become somewhat like a paste or porridge. The consistency will determine how smooth your recycled paper will be, so the more you can grind the paper the better.


Step 2: Collect the squashed paper into another cup filled with water to keep it moist. After you have collected all the paper mashed up this way, spread a thin cloth over the box lid evenly and without any wrinkles. This is crucial, as it will affect the shape of the finished paper. Now pour the crushed paper puree onto the lid and spread it out evenly. The lid will now contain the wet paper puree. So squeeze the excess water out of the paper puree with another clothe, without disturbing the paper’s shape and evenness. Let it dry for a day or two. Don’t try instant drying.


Step 3: When the paper is dry, it will curl and not remain flat. Lift it along with the thin cloth underneath. Now remove the cloth gently from the paper’s lower surface. This surface will be flatter than the upper one. Your recycled paper is ready for you to write on!

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