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How to overcome Anemia?

Anemia is deficiency of haemoglobin in blood. The reduced count of red blood cells in blood is the reason for anemia. Women are prone to anemia during pregnancy and we could count it to 80% of women to acquire anemia in India. I would not only limit this deficiency of hemoglobin (Anemia) to only women during pregnancy but, there are cases where anemia is also occurred in young, mid aged, elderly, men and women.

The following count of haemoglobin in the blood is the sign of healthy and anemia free body to a person.  The reduced count of haemoglobin than the count mentioned below could lead to Anemia.

Male 13.0 – 18.0 grms%

Female 11.0 – 16.0 grms%

Anemia, as we had come across above is the deficiency of haemoglobin count in blood. Low count of red blood cells in blood decreases the delivery of oxygen to all the tissues in the body. Due to this the following symptoms can be seen in people who are affected by Anemia.

  • Fatigue
  • Decreases energy level
  • Breath shortness or rapidity
  • Spleen enlargement due to certain causes of anemia
  • Varying complexion
  • Pale or dull look
  • Skin dullness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid or low heart rate

These symptoms will vary with patients according to their life style and health conditions. However, what we need to look at now when you know someone is anemic is to overcome this deficiency or disorder. These disorders can slightly decrease the normal activity carried out by a person.

How to overcome Anemia?

It is very important to overcome anemia to lead a normal, regular and healthy life style. Anemia is not difficult to handle unless you know and work out the right way. Anemia can be overcome if you could include the following in your diet. This is safe and very astounding way of getting anemic free.

  • A regular intake of lot of green vegetables and green leaves like Spinach (Palak), Fenugreek (methi), Carrot Amaranth (Red cholay) and Beetroot which are very rich in folic acid.
  • Use lots of citric fruits such as Orange and Sweet lime (Mosambi) which are a good source of Vitamin C
  • Honey with milk is an excellent combination to battle anemia.
  • Dates, dry dates, almonds and apricot are helpful
  • Source of Iron, Jaggery is good and can be replaced for sugar.
  • Juices of beetroot, tomatoes and onions can be helpful
  • Soya bean in your meal
  • Buttermilk made out of Cows milk
  • Eating gooseberries

A regular intake of these will improve your anemic condition. I would prefer to advise a lot of beet root (raw or juice) along with green leafy vegetables such as Spinach and Fenugreek. Also, a regular blood checkup will be helpful for your plan to defeat anemia.

So here’s what I could bring in for you. Have a very healthy life and do not forget that it’s easy to defeat anemia with right plan and right actions.

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  10. Cure Anemia says:

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  11. Aschatria says:

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    With years her health condition deteriorated but still, she lives in belief she is healthy.
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    I could read a book about this without finding such real-world approaches!

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    2. Karina says:

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