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How to make use of your Android phone as a webcam

Webcams and video chatting has become very essential and you never know if any of our family member or a friend is quite far from us, geographically.  I don’t see anyone these days calling it being far off to each other. Instead, we say that they are a button away. Wow! Technology has brought us so many things in which being connected to one another through the power of internet is just awesome.

You have several apps that support you to be connected to your friends and loved ones through the social networking sites. If you feel you need to have a look at the other person you are connected then, just make a contact with features like video chat and there you are, looking straight into the eyes of the person on your laptop or desktop.

Technology has increased and is always in the race of becoming more powerful these days. So, if you are one among them who still holds a laptop which was shipped to you with the normal VGA built in camera that supports you to video chat. Here’s a tip that can help you save on some money from buying a webcam and make use of the most beloved gadget of these days – The Android Smartphone.

Your Android smart phones are one of those who carry a rear video camera somewhere between 4 mega pixels to 12 mega pixels. These smartphones can be connected to your Laptop or Desktop to use them as a webcam (a better mega pixel cam with enough of clarity).

Here’s how you can make use of your android phone as a webcam.

  1. First you will need to install an app from the Play store. There are few apps that can turn your phone into webcam. Some of them are IP Webcam, DroidCamX Pro and WO Webcam Lite. Here is how it is done with IP Webcam, which is free.Install IP Webcam app and open it up for the initial setup. Some settings are given by default, and you can change any that needs to be. Set up the required camera resolution, frames per second or FPS rate (the higher, the better), image quality and the TCP port (8080 should suffice). It is advisable that you do not set a resolution higher than that supported by the phone.
  2. Set up a user ID and password, which is good for the phone webcam’s privacy and security. At the bottom of the setup page, you will see the option to start the server. Do it. Now, you will see the IP address in which the camera is available, with the port that you set earlier. It should be like 192.168.x.x:8080.
  3. At this point, go to your computer and open up your web browser. Browse to the phone webcam’s IP address. Simply type in the complete IP address (with the port) at the address bar and hit enter. If your Java plugin is enabled, you should be able to view the video immediately. Various options like opening the video stream in a media player, Java plugin viewer, JavaScript viewer, etc., will appear.
  4. To view and share the camera across various applications download the IP Camera Adaptor. Install it and set it up matching the settings on your phone webcam. Let the video size be auto-detected, as otherwise it will lead to cropping in the video feed. It is possible that your firewall will block the video feed, indicating a false positive. Add an exception for this. You’re set! Your Android phone can now be used as a webcam.

If you have some more options which are much more easy and great to use then, do let me know down here.

Happy Video chatting and great time with your friends and loved ones.

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