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How to make use of Scratched CD’s (Compact Discs)

CDs (Compact Discs) are being used for several reasons such as storing personal files, music and videos. We have also purchased CDs for new applications and programs. However, these are very vulnerable to scratches by several usages in our daily life.

Fate of most of these scratched up CDs end up in our dustbins. However, we can look at fixing these CDs for re-use or make alternatives to use them in other part of our day to day life.

You can always try to fix a CD by few methods, if not you can still make use of these CDs in other ways.

Fixing skips on CDs

Do not throw away the scratched compact discs (CDs). Instead try fixing it with a small dab of car wax.  Place a CD on a flat surface on a spread cloth, damaged side up. Hold the disc with one hand and wipe the polish into the affected area using a soft cloth with the other. Then, wait for it to dry and buff using short, brisk strokes along the scratch (not across it). A cloth used for wiping spectacles and camera lenses are the ideal ones. Once you notice that the scratches are not visible then, wash it with water and let it dry before using them with your devices. If car wax is not that easily available at the right moment you can use mild soap with a little water, and clean it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. If your CDs still skip then try using a little non-gel toothpaste. The fine abrasive in toothpaste might smooth out the scratch.

If you do not want to fix the scratches on the compact discs (if you have another unscratched copy) or it is not working then, you can make use of these CDs in other ways as mentioned below.

Make a CD clock

Old CDs can be functional! Turning a compact disc into a funky clock face with a clockwork mechanism sold by many arts-and –crafts should be easy. You can paint or design one side of the CD and let it dry. Write or use stickers to create the numbers around its edge. Assemble the clockwork mechanism onto the CD.

Make artistic bowls

Looking for a decorative bowl? Then try this.

Place a CD in the oven on low heat over a metal bowl until the CD is soft. Use protective gloves to gently bend the CD like a bowl as desired. Seal the hole by gluing the bottom edge to another surface, such as a flat dish, using expoxy or PVC glue. Ensure you do not use these bowls for food but, for all other non-consuming stuffs.

Make Wall art in Teen’s room

Most of the teen’s room is with several posters of their favorite sports, movie or band stars. Teens can use the CDs to make a frame to his / her favorite posters (or) make inexpensive and quirky wall art. Attach the CDs with thumbtacks or drawing pins and use them to create border at the ceiling or halfway up the wall.

Make decorative sun-catcher

It is attractive to watch sun-catchers. All you need is wool or colored string through the hole, and hang them in a window. They will make a beautiful light show.

Use as holiday ornaments

You can use them for decorating your Christmas tree! To create a flickering array of lights, just hang the shiny sides or paint and decorate the label side to create inexpensive personalized ornaments. For variety cut the CDs into stars and other shapes with sharp scissors. Drilling a 6-millimetre (1/4 inch) hole through the CD and threading ribbon to hang them should do the job.

Create a spinning top

If you have kids or would like to show some good spinning at home then, turn an old CD into a fun toy. With a knife, make two slits across from each other in the CDs hole. Force a coin halfway through the hole and then spin the CD on its edge.

Cover with felt and use as coasters

CDs can help to prevent those unsightly stains from cups left on the table. Simply cut a round piece of felt to fit over the CD and glue it onto the label side of the CD so that the shiny side will face up when you use the coaster.

Use as a template for a perfect circle

The easiest is to use them to draw circles without using the cumbersome compasses. Every CD provides two circle sizes – trace around the inner hole or the outer circumference.

I have posted a few possible ways to re-use those scratched up CDs (Compact discs). If you feel there is some more useful stuff that can be made, to make the most use of a non-working CD then do let me know in the comment box below.

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