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How To Maintain A Freshwater Aquarium

Everyone is very keen on having pets at home. Don’t you? Well, without hesitating I could say ‘yes’ and I am for now taking your answer as well to be same. There are many such kinds of pets that are available for you to choose from plants in your garden, animals, birds and aquariums. Now that I have bought a new aquarium at home and to maintain them neat and healthy is one task that me and many others out there are keen on again.


Freshwater Aquarium

So let’s start with basic information about the fresh water aquarium.

–        Make sure you buy a thick glass aquarium as per your suitability and safety standards.

–        Do not fill the fish tank aquarium with lots of fishes, as fishes require space to move around.

–        Make room for the fishes to dwell comfortably as you dwell in your spacious home environment.

–        Food is fed regularly in a nominal amount that your aquarium supplier instructs. (Always make sure you grasp all information about the fish and its tentative habits)

–        The above point will make sure you know your pet fish well in advance than to panic later in unexpected situations of mishaps.

–        Cleaning of tank regularly is one main task. (You find many products that help you clean up the tank in aquarium supplier stores)

–        Water pump for oxygen in the fish tank is one more important thing you should keep in your list. (However, if you own a fish bowl which has a fish or two, this can be avoided)

–        You can use soft and colorful pebbles at the bottom of your fish aquarium tank and place any object that could suit your aquarium along with fish and background.

–        Always look for compatible fishes to be in an aquarium. Many or few fishes do not dwell in an aquarium as they do not get along well. (For instance two fighter fishes can not dwell together in an fish tank or aquarium)

–        All the above information is always handy and important to make a list before you step into an aquarium supplier store for a new pet at home.

English: Fish in aquarium.

Fish in an Aquarium

The above said instructions are very necessary and preliminary before you actually step into a store and decide to buy in your favorite fish as your pet at home.

I will also be blogging about particular species of freshwater aquarium fishes in my next blog. Until then you can let me know more about your pet fishes or aquarium setup. This will be a good place to stay connected with many aquarium novice, experts and super experts. Just drop in your ideas below….

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9 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Freshwater Aquarium”

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  3. RAJA ANTHONY says:

    HI, Its a useful information about the freshwater aquarium at home. I have two Aquarium at home. One fish tank has 6 fishes, which is well and good.
    One more fishbowl i have ,where i put 53 nos of new born fishes. They were alive for a week, after that they died one by one within a week time. Now i am left out with 6 new born fishes. What might be the reason for the lose of fishes. I feed them two times in a day and clean the fishbowl once in three days.

    Need your suggestion and helpful tips to protect the new born fishes in a fish bowl.
    what is the maximum numbers of fishes we can keep in the bowl?
    Which is the best food we can provide,to keep them alive.

  4. Alisaadi says:

    I puschared this book on the strength of the reviews of the first edition. I have to say that I was not at all disappointed. When I got the book, the sum total of my fish knowledge came from pet-sitting a betta fish for a month. However, I work in a large pet store and wanted to learn about our aquatics department. This book was invaluable in helping me to quickly understand the basics of aquarium care. I found it relatively easy to read understand. I was also snared into the world of fish-enthusiasts I am now in the process of setting up my own tank (I’m still in the cycling stage) have tentative plans for a second tank. The book helped me avoid the common pitfalls beginners make and revealed the truth behind some fish myths (fish do NOT grow to fit the tank).The chapters on required equipment (Ch 4: What do I have to have?), cycling (Ch 12), Suggested Stocking Schemes (Ch 19) are particularly helpful. This is some of the most important information new fish owners should have, and it is hard to find in other aquarium books. The book does not have much detailed information on specific species of fish, but that is not what this book is meant to do. That information is easy to find in any freshwater fish guide.I definitely recommend this book to beginners.

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  9. Fish Aquarium Supplies says:

    Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!

  10. Cooling Water says:

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your site and this post. You make some very informative points. Keep up the great work!

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