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How to keep your android devices running like new with little effort?

Androids are all around today and these make a very handy partner to stay connected with all your friends. Though, these have become a very integral part of our daily lives sometimes, these android devices get so sloppy that you notice that your android device is getting bolts of freezes and slow downs. A slow device in the paced lifestyle is one small jolt to your speed running life. A second to minute could miss many such moments that can never be counted back again.

“It seems like the android is getting aged” as one of my friend quoted sometime during our casual chat. Only to take back these words when I shared these simple yet effective ways to keep your android energized and young. I mean to make it process and work in the same speed when you had bought the delightful device.

Let me show you how to keep your android devices running like new with little effort.

1. The foremost is to guard your device from malware and bad apps

Report says that there are around 500 sources which host malicious apps. Few malicious apps send data to premium numbers without your knowledge and some could be mining your data which can slow down the performance of your device. The best way to keep away from malicious apps is to download only from Google play store. Any third party download could be a threat to your device. However, installing apps of anti-virus could be of some help. There are several anti-virus apps around which can be installed on your device to keep a regular check on the health of your device and keep the malicious apps away. Some of the free anti-virus apps are as Norton, AVG and Avast.

2. Nova Launcher

Phone manufacturers tend to use heavy interfaces with animations and features that you may never use. Download Nova launcher from the app store and give your device an instant speed boost. It is more customizable than the stock interface that you get.

3. Switch off your live wallpaper

Switching off your live wallpaper not only frees your device’s processing power but, can also save some energy on the battery. The live wallpapers use much of the processing power which slows down the loading of apps and affects the functioning of the interface.

So keep those animated wallpapers at bay to keep your device process the interface and apps good enough.

4. Store data in the external memory card

Most of the apps and data on your device are designed to store on your device’s internal memory. The more the data on your device’s
memory will slow down your device’s multitasking power. You can download an app called App2SD, by which you can move all your non-essential or less-essential files to the external memory card. Try to keep the device’s internal memory free as much as 2 GB. This will enable you to use the android device to best of its capability.

5. Clean your devices with Clean master App

One of the reasons why your device runs out of speed is due to its limited RAM capacity. The most affected are those with 512MB RAM and to some extent for 1GB total RAM.

Depending on the number of apps you have installed which are running at the background when you still do not use it causes the RAM to be completely occupied. This slows down your device as it needs to function on several apps at one go which splits its capacity to perform at the best.

Way to have this fixed is to install Clean Master (A free app from the store) by KS Mobile which is equipped with a task killer to free up RAM, delete history of the web browser, clean cache and make free up space on the device memory by removing the residual file when you un-install apps that you no more need.

These are very few things that can make your android device work without any hurdles to some extent. There are several such small tips that can make it more efficient but, the above 5 will surely allow you to see some difference. However, if you feel there are few very important tips that I have missed then nothing stops you by letting me know here.

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