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How to block your friends posting photos and comments directly to your Timeline on Facebook?

Facebook has made enormous changes in our lives and also to their own privacy settings every now and then. The privacy settings have been drastically changed over the years Facebook has evolved.

How to block your friends posting photos and comments directly to your Timeline? This is what so many of us have been looking for. Now, it is easy to have this done if you follow the simple yet effective steps described below.

Facebook’s Privacy settings does allow you to block your friends from posting photos and comments directly to your Timeline, although they can still see and comment on any photos or updated you post there yourself.

To get to your account’s controls, log into Facebook, click the gear-shaped icon in the top right corner of the page and select ‘Account Settings’

On the left side of the Account Settings screen, click on the ‘Timeline and Tagging’ link. In the center of the page, there is ‘Who can post in your timeline?’ area, click the Edit link.

In the drop down menu that appears select ‘Only Me’ option.

The same ‘Timeline and Tagging settings’ also lets you choose who can see posts on your Facebook page, so you can choose instead to allow friends to post things to your Timeline – but have those posts visible only to you, and not your friends.

Over the years, Facebook has changed its privacy controls and other settings several times. So keep a close watch for the next changes.

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