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Honey, I am home! (6) Six simple benefits of honey

Honey, is stored as a food or drink ingredient in many homes. These not only give a wonderful taste that nature has gifted us but, also has many medicinal benefits which may not occur to us at first instance.

Honey and its benefits have been proven since long and used by many around the world for several reasons such as an ingredient in their diet or as simply the natural sweetener. It also has tremendous influence on the digestive system. The honey is easily digestible by human body.

So let’s see some of the simple yet effective benefits of honey that is stored in a container or bottles in our kitchen.

Wounds and Burns:

Children do like playing around in the backyard and sometimes they turn themselves into the researcher with bio ingredients to investigate some fun stuff. Yes, they do and you can know this if you participate in their theory. However, while doing such great stuff’s or playing in the park or garden they stumble upon unfortunate obstacles on their path and get hurt. What do we do for this? Nothing! just let them grow as we did stumble upon several obstacles in our early life. This is one way they learn a lot which gives them direction to their bright future (in many ways).

Now that our children are prone to get hurt may be in the backyard, garden or park the first thing we look out for is the first aid box. However, in any case you are still away or would take time to reach to a first aid service. You can use honey as the first aid ointment for any wounds and burns.

Honey can be used as a natural cure in first aid treatment for wounds, burns and cuts because its antibacterial properties prevent infection and function as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Sore throat and Coughs:

We and our loved ones are prone to such small yet disturbing infections. Sore throat and Coughs could happen due to several reasons. But, let’s focus on how to get rid of this. You can always try to use honey specially Buckwheat honey which can help you as per the recent studies. Hmm..hem..! All lost only with sweet little honey.


Time is turned out to be so valuable that we tend to skip our breakfast or lunch. Sometimes we may not skip these but, would intake food would be during inappropriate times. These untimely schedules of food intake or some time’s skipping them could give you a shoe in the stomach. I mean shoes and laces which are called ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. These can be reduced and slowly pumped out with the help of honey.

Immune Booster:

Our immune system is handling so much and so many bizarre things that these can be affected or radical damage could be possible. To avoid such radical damages our body needs a lot of anti-oxidants. Honey fully contains polyphenols which is a type of anti-oxidant that helps to protect cells from radical damages.

Mosquito Bite Relief:

You are camping outside and you see there is a huge army of mosquitos with that irritating noise around your ears. Yep! They don’t only make that irritating noise but, ensures they get enough of blood to multiply. You can use honey on the mosquito bites and be relieved from the needle kind sting longing pain. Honey is good mosquito bite pain reliever.

Athletic Performance:

Performance is what counts if you are an athlete. Athletes as always compete with many others with their performance and would need to gain higher performance level to beat that competition up. Honey is well known to enhance athletic performance due its superior properties of maintaining glycogen levels and improving recovery time. So to all those athletes who wish to beat up the opposition, Honey is one helpful ingredient with your practice and training.

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