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Summer Care – Hand and Feets

Summer is here and the heat is scorching at its best. We still cannot do away with our daily regime of going out and coming In. Summer brings in a new set of problems for your feet and hands. When outdoor temperatures are soaring and your feet are enclosed in tight shoes, it makes them susceptible to a variety of infections – psoriasis, blisters, fungal infections and smelly feet. Your arms and legs are directly exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun causing tanning and rashes.


Apply A Sunscreen:  If you are planning to wear dresses or tops, always remember to apply a sunscreen with SPF 30+ before you step out in the sun. This will help you avoid those red rashes on your arms due to the dreadful heat.

Use a Lightweight Moisturizer: During the evenings, apply a lightweight moisturizer with mint and coconut milk extracts. Keep fungal infections, the accumulation of dirt and bacteria away by using an anti-bacterial soap to wash your armpits. Before going out, remember to keep a deodorant at hand. The application of a mint based moisturizer will cool the skin and keep it refreshed for the entire day.

Take Care of Your Elbows: Most of us neglect our elbows and so they remain darker compared to the other parts of our body. Scrub your elbows at least twice in a week to get rid of the dead tissues. It is advised to rub a slice of lemon every alternate day to your elbows to keep them clean and fair. Alternately, you can use mustard oil or coconut oil and lime.


Soak your Feet in Lukewarm Water


Water: Soak your feet regularly in lukewarm water to ease the tiredness and get rid of the dust and pollution.

Sun Protect: Before stepping out in the sun, make sure you have applied a generous amount of sunscreen on your feet as well.

Use a Foot powder: Foot powders are the best way to soak up excessive moisture during the hot months. A lightly scented powder will help you stay refreshed the entire day and ease you from the trouble of ‘smelly feet’

Go for a Pedicure: Head in for a foot massage once every week. This will keep your foot clean. Trim your toe nails to avoid dirt and dust from accumulating under your toe nails.



Wear Gloves: Due to the harmful rays of the sun, it is important to keep your hands moisturized for the entire day to avoid wrinkles and calluses. Whenever, you are going out in the sun, wear gloves to protect them from the heat outside.

Protect them from the Sun: Use a sunscreen before you go out in the mornings and afternoons. Use a hand scrub to remove the dead skin from your hands at least once a week.

Use a Hand Cream: Use a rich moisturizing hand cream containing emollient plant oils and anti-inflammatory ingredients to pamper your hands, nails and cuticles.



Give a break to your Denims and Jeans this summer and opt for skirts and dresses for girls and loose comfortable pants for boys. But, make sure you keep your knees spotless and clean.

Exfoliate: Exfoliate is a must. To keep your knees soft and smooth, be sure to make exfoliation a part of your daily skin care routine. When you go for a shower, make sure to clean the area around your knees with a pumice stone to get rid of dead skin and dirt.

Skin Lightning: Your knees tend to get dark every day due to exposure to the sun and the accumulation of dirt. Slice a lemon in half and rub it on your knees before you shower. Lemon contains citric acid which acts as a natural lightener and exfoliator.

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