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Get the Most out of Google drive. Seven (7) tips to help you!

Google drive is one of the most used platforms for several reasons out there. We are almost on the move and with the power of internet in hands one needs to save as much as time possible for better possible work. Time is indeed very precious in today’s world. Hence I bring to your notice simple yet important seven (7) tips to get the most out of Google drive. Only chosen few are updated here and if you feel you need to add your favorite or important tip then please let me know to add further.

  •  Keyboard shortcuts: If you are one among those who have been using keyboard shortcuts in Gmail and Google Reader, then this should fantasize you further. Just like those two services, here too you can pull up list of keyboard shortcuts by hitting Shift + ? on your keyboard.  When you are on the homepage of Google Drive showing all your files, you can use these for good.
  • Attach larger files to emails: Sending files and photos are made easy in Google again. You can attach up to 10 GB of files through your Google account to your emails in Gmail. The email recipient can easily view them online. If you have not shared the files then, there is prompting from Google Drive to do the same.
  • Save to Google Drive extension:  A really easy way to save web content directly to Google Drive if you use Chrome. Google has launched Chrome extension that lets you save image or web page to Chrome to your Google Drive via the right-click menu.
  • File versions: Google Drive keeps 30 days’ worth of file revision (around 100 revisions) that you could access from File->See revision history on each document that has been changed? You may use it to get back to a previous version of a file. You may also delete the versions you don’t need to get more space.

  • Bulk Download files with Google Takeout: It’s easy to export bulk data from Google Drive. Of course there are ways to do it from Google Drive, but there’s also Google Takeout that you could use to download a complete archive of all your data in Google Drive.
  • Make default documents folder: You may want to keep Google Drive as the default documents folder considering the features it offers. In Windows, you can do that by right-clicking Documents, going to Properties, then including a folder and finally select it and click Set save location.
  • Restore from bin: If you accidentally deleted a file from Google Drive on the desktop. No worries, log in to its online version, click More on the left menu, click Trash and there’s your file! All you need to do now is right-click and restore.

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