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Foodie – Delicious Camera, An App designed for Food Photography

As always it is a rush hour when my wife cooks something new. My son – Sam and I start expecting something (that something called food) which can douse our hunger in minutes. However, Maria is still busy cooking the food and making notes of the recipe so that she can have it posted on her food blog

The most important task after she completes cooking food is it’s presentation. There are assorted dish bowls, various colored plates, designed spoons and so on. The final showdown of the hustle is coming over to the table. This is when Sam gets anxious and tries to dip his index finger into the plate but, hears the voice of Maria that pleads him to not do so. The wait which is expected to be over in couple of seconds is extended to minutes, couple of minutes… Just to take the right photograph of the food that has been cooked with so much care, hard work, zeal and specialization.

Food photography is just not simple, as few say it – Point and Shoot. It is more that that. Maria with her Sony DSLT camera tries to cover all the angles so that the food can look fresh and appetizing. But, you know as always there are various factors involved in Food Photography or in any Photography that makes the photos – Outstanding. Some of the terms I can use here are light, angle, color combinations, DOF etc. However, Maria after a few minutes is forced to do away with photography and asks us to help ourselves to taste the food and joins us over the dining table.

At a later stage, she has to make several choices as to which one of the photos to keep, discard and edit enough so that it can go on her Food & recipe blog site Let me tell you that it’s not easy but, passion is what keeps it going.

I am sure many of us would have thought of taking food photographs in many occasions with our phones but, due to several reasons those photographs that we had clicked does not meet our expectations to share them over social networks or with friends. So here’s where we can opt for an App called Foodie – Delicious Camera that will help your iOS or Android based phones to take some beautiful photos of food around you.

Foodie – Delicious Camera is available on Google play store and can be downloaded for free to your iOS or Android phone devices. This app can make several editing listed below.

You can spice up your shots with the app’s professional editing features to make pictures that will catch everyone’s attention.

  • There are over 26 filters customized for taking food photos
  • Amazing photo editing features that transform simple food photos into one-of-a-kind masterpieces
  • Camera shot angle based auto blurring effect
  • Smart guide feature that helps you photograph food from directly above it
  • Share photos to social networks

I am sure you will give it a try to have some exceptionally good food photographs once you start using the Foodie – Delicious Camera app. What you fee about  this is important to me so, please share your feedback over here. This might help many to take food photographs and be delighted of the outcome using this app.


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