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Facebook (FB) Video messages – A new trend

I am sure you use facebook for socializing, a virtual social platform. Are you a rigorous user of facebook? Well, facebook with millions of users absolutely is one of the best socializing platforms in this generation. The tech and comp has reached to its peak in social media. You have been posting many statuses that could be visible to your friends and others as well (with privacy settings). All that I have been doing all these days is to leave a simple status on the wall and see the pictures, videos and stuff like that on the wall posted by my friends, selected friends.

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If you are connected to a webcam and a microphone then it’s very easy to step forward a little and send a video message to your friends or post a video status which is visible to all your friends. It just takes a little defined time as long as you want your video to be. These happen just by few clicks in few seconds. I would say now that the post on walls with pictures, text messages or links is taking new trends to posting the most recent video messages from your laptop or desktop.

When I go through the list of friends who have their birthday or special events then, it’s pretty usual that I go to the Wall of my friend and post a text message or load a picture that conveys my message attributing to the occasion of a friend. Well, my friends are happy to receive them every time there is a special occasion or a special moment of achievement. But, to be honest I have been sending such links, text messages, pictures and posting videos(these are the videos that are downloaded from many sites that suits your requirement, not your own creativity) for a long time now. This seems to be old fashioned when I look back on them. What else can we do to be a little forward in using technology?

We all know that we can post relevant or irrelevant videos (jokingly) on the walls of self or on the walls of our friends. But, have you tried to send an instant video message to your friend? This would mean a special video conducted for a few minutes (depending upon the message) and messaging it to your friend if you feel it is on a very confidential platform or you could post this on your friends FB wall. What a great idea indeed.

I was also blown away with the thoughts of news in this circle of social media. What if the news reporters use FB account to provide instant news around the world to the news organization that they are working for? What a way to go? This would mean like, as a reporter you need to travel with a laptop or notepad devices which is enabled with webcam and microphones. Just shoot the news viewing the webcam and appropriate voice recording and the instant news is in transit to the news organization in few seconds or minutes. What could outdate this for now? I, agree that there is several other satellite techs that is being used by the news organizations but, if you and I, could do this the easy way to contribute (willingly) your part of news to this organization then what a trending turn it is.

Let’s look into how this is done (to all those who want to do this first time).  Post a personal video on your wall.


  1. On the FB wall you can see there are several options for leaving a ‘status’ such as, Status – Photo – Link – Video – Question
  2. Click on the ‘Video’ icon.
  3. You are prompted with two options such as, ‘Record a Video – with a webcam’ or ‘Upload a Video – from your drive’
  4. Click on the ‘Record a Video – with a webcam’
  5. Once the webcam connected to your laptop or desktop then, there is a pop up message for you to allow or deny the option.
  6. You need to select the option ‘Allow’ and close to see the video.
  7. You can direct this to anybody or anything that you want to record and click the start button below to start recording and stop later once done.
  8. Share this with your friends on the wall of FB.
  9. This covers your instant video update on FB or you can also send this as a message through your message option on the left top corner.

This is all about how you want to use the FB with video or you are being happy with the other options you are using till now and may be continue to use it. But I, preferable suggest giving it a try.

Yes, there are lots of options like recording with your mobile phones and connecting it to your drive to share it on FB. But, does this make a difference in your regular usage of FB. Will you give it a try?

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