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FaceBook App: Kamicat Football 2012

Facebook app: Kamicat Football 2012: If this is the football season then here’s the one that can keep you occupied for some time for sure. Kamicat Football 2012 available on facebook in one of games that can keep all football lovers stuck to fb and tries your hidden skills on key boards or keypads.

Kamicat Football 2012: The World’s # 1 Football Simulation on Facebook! It is time to lead your team to the top and compete with some of the best football clubs in the world! I see that all top footballers are trying hard to make history here in 2012.

You become the Manager of a football club which aims for the highest league in Kamicat Football 2012. Your club can first win the national championships and then compete against the best international clubs. This will be a difficult mission but, not impossible for the best players! Kamicat Football 2012 combines Manager Elements of building up a successful team, attracting sponsors and building a grand stadium for your club with the challenge of actually playing matches in 3D against your competitors.

If you have been a team player then this game app will make it clear what your team manager and coach will look forward for your performance. Performance is what it takes to be in the team. If you agree on your stability and skills then this game is meant for you. ..

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John Anthony

John Anthony

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3 thoughts on “FaceBook App: Kamicat Football 2012”

  1. Benji W. says:

    I’m addicted to this, a buddy of mine was one of the developers and let me play a pre-release before it ever came out.

    Wait until you play

    1. John says:

      Can you share your thoughts on the pre-release version. Many here would love to know more about it.

      Thanks! Keep visiting.



  2. Elijah says:

    Hey this is an interesting review! I run a review site myself, and now I’m thinking of trying the app myself and posting it on my blog. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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