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Face Book (FB) – Skype Collaboration to provide Video Chat online

What have we been doing with FB all these days? May be leaving a status message or uploading photos, videos and sharing some of the important and pleasant things with our network of friends. Notifications are being sent and received for the games you like your friends to be a part of or notifications to join causes and stuff like that.

Many do share their favorite songs, videos, pictures etc. I have been on FB for some time now. It’s completely addictive. Once you are in and your friends stumble upon your thoughts and shares, to comment and like them. You are made to spend time with your friends though you could be miles away. You can upload instant pictures using your mobile phones. Wow! What a time it has been?

Your travelling plan, vacations and more are just a click away to let all your friends know the happenings in one life, let be good or bad. Well, these are part of life to share all that we can with friends whom we trust. It’s wonderful!

When you are signed in FB you get your friends lists that are presently online along with you. If need be you can IM them and continue to discuss your favorite details over IM. Now with the latest news it sounds like we will be able to Video chat on FB. Isn’t it great? Well, every little change is good and every little change could also be bad. Only thing what we need to discuss here at present is its chat options and the rest be left to others to bother.

Yes, it’s making waves that Face Book (FB) is going to collaborate with skype to present its users to have an opportunity to use video chat. It’s true that FB has grown so much that using FB has become our regular routine of work. So friends, let’s get the launch and lets spread smile to see each other live. What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Face Book (FB) – Skype Collaboration to provide Video Chat online”

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  8. Geralynn says:

    Great post with lots of ipmortnat stuff.

    1. Pooja says:

      this is one of those movies you except to show your kids many years later This does not deserve to be called just a movie , this is a masterpiece of love, friendship and family. THANK YOU PIXAR :__

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