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FaceBook App: Angry Birds

How many of you like to play Angry Birds on your smartphones and iPhones? This would have never got better than adding this App on FaceBook. Yes, finally this favorite game app is available on FB.

The Red birds are angry on the pigs who stole their egg and now it is time for the ultimate revenge. Who directs their strategy and plans to destroy the pigs? This is controlled by the player and the player is you.

The survival of the Angry birds is at stake. Pledge revenge on the pigs and ensure your survival. This game is unique as this is based on physics based game, intense score-based competition and hours of replay value. Each Level requires logic, skill and power to resolve. Do you have all of this in you? It is time to test these skills and power.

Give yourself an edge in the battle against the pigs (and your friends) with four awesome power-ups. Participate in a different game mode with the Mighty Eagle and collect total destruction feathers from all your levels.

Every bird is uniquely powered. Use unique abilities of each bird to destroy the pig’s defenses. A lot more to explore… Have your best time shared with your friends and challenge them for this game. Do you have it in you? You can check this out on facebook apps : Angry brids.

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One thought on “FaceBook App: Angry Birds”

  1. Natalie F says:

    My nephew is obsessed with Angry Birds! He’s only five so he doesn’t have a facebook, but i’m sure he’ll be logging in to my sisters just to play.

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