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This is a personal blog. All the information, views and points mentioned in this weblog ( is completely the output of my thought process.

I am posting this disclaimer not in fear but, in due respect to all who stop and pass by my weblog. All comments, views and blogs are not meant to harm or displease anyone living or dead.

All the email/contact Information gathered here is never shared, sold or used in any form except for my own communication which it is intended to be for. So nothing to be worried about .You can go ahead to criticize, appreciate and comment on the blogs appearing on this website.

Any views of mine which are put up on this blog are only informative and don’t intend to hurt /misguide any one. If so be the case then, I would ask your pardon to take my views/comments in a lighter way.

Any more questions would be answered without hesitance.

Keep visiting, keep reading and keep commenting!

– John,


You can contact me at the following email ID for any clarifications or assistance…

john[@]myblogtimes[dot]com  or you can fill in your details and CONTACT ME HERE.

John Anthony

John Anthony

John Anthony, is the person behind
He lives in Bangalore, India & works for a service industry.
He is an aspirant. He likes blogging, reading, photography & learning new stuffs.
John Anthony

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