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How to treat and overcome iron deficiency anemia?

Anemia is a growing concern globally today and this can be fished out of our lives with better planning and dedication to overcome this deficiency. If you would like to visit my previous post on this then here it is: HOW TO OVERCOME ANEMIA? Today

How to make use of your Android phone as a webcam

Webcams and video chatting has become very essential and you never know if any of our family member or a friend is quite far from us, geographically.  I don’t see anyone these days calling it being far off to each other. Instead, we say that

How to make use of Scratched CD’s (Compact Discs)

CDs (Compact Discs) are being used for several reasons such as storing personal files, music and videos. We have also purchased CDs for new applications and programs. However, these are very vulnerable to scratches by several usages in our daily life. Fate of most of

How to Send Self-Destructing Emails – 3 online services for you

We tend to share so much information through various options available online. The most highly used are emails, social networking or IM. Sharing is very natural bound characteristics that we all possess. The real problem arises when a sensitive message is to be shared with

How to block your friends posting photos and comments directly to your Timeline on Facebook?

Facebook has made enormous changes in our lives and also to their own privacy settings every now and then. The privacy settings have been drastically changed over the years Facebook has evolved. How to block your friends posting photos and comments directly to your Timeline?

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How to increase speed of your Computer

It was time for me to change my old PC and shift to a brand new model and new species of computers around with tremendous speed and huge data space in hard disks. If you did like me then for sure you would have also

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Shortcut Keys to Navigate through Facebook

Millions of users around the world have contributed well enough to make Facebook one of the top social networking plat forms. Nevertheless, there are several others who are competing enough to grab attention as much as possible in this race. For now I can count

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Get the Most out of Google drive. Seven (7) tips to help you!

Google drive is one of the most used platforms for several reasons out there. We are almost on the move and with the power of internet in hands one needs to save as much as time possible for better possible work. Time is indeed very

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Apps / Utilities to keep duplicate emails free from your device

We use emails for communication these times. Sometimes we have to undergo situations where a single email is received or sent more than once. This results in multiple emails of the same subject and communication. These do provide information that it intends to be but,

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