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Top 4 PC/MAC Tools to keep your Mobile Phones Contacts and Data backup

In continuation to my previous article about Top 4 Cloud tools to keep your mobile phone contacts and data backup. I bring more to the options now to your personal computer. Your computer can be your secret machine where you can back up your entire

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Top 4 Cloud Tools to keep your Mobile Phones Contacts and Data backup

One can use the latest mobile phone for a good time but, as time passes there are many technological changes and upgrades that make your present mobile phone outdated after some time. Our interest appears on the most upgraded mobile phone and we opt for

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Banking Services On Your Mobile Phone

We all have been connected to banks in our lives for quite long. There were times when the technology had not been on its peak as it is today. Those days the banking system was completely based on paper work and manual inputs. But, what

The Era of Online Games

Online games are increasing in their popularity and reach. I would not hesitate a bit to mention ‘This is the era of the online games’. Most www users are either busy playing their favorite game online or downloaded game from online availability. Many games are

Online Translation Tools VS Translation Apps – An Online Tower of Babylon

The world communicates in up to 7,000 different languages. With an increasingly global economy and easy access to different cultures via the internet, the need for high quality translation tools is ever increasing. English might be the international language, but this has not, as yet,

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FaceBook App: Kamicat Football 2012

Facebook app: Kamicat Football 2012: If this is the football season then here’s the one that can keep you occupied for some time for sure. Kamicat Football 2012 available on facebook in one of games that can keep all football lovers stuck to fb and

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FaceBook App: Angry Birds

How many of you like to play Angry Birds on your smartphones and iPhones? This would have never got better than adding this App on FaceBook. Yes, finally this favorite game app is available on FB. The Red birds are angry on the pigs who

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The App Industry is Booming

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems have created an industry worth billions of dollars, virtually out of thin air. While most of us may like using our smartphone’s built-in organizers and games, many of our needs are also met by third-party applications. The application

Top 4 Free Android Travel Apps

Portable devices like smartphones and tablets have changed the way people travel. Whether commuting to work, or going on vacation, having an Android tablet or smartphone is a must. With the rapidly expanding app market, there are hundreds of travel apps available at your finger

Apple iPhone 5 – Everything you want to know about

Apple iPhone 5, was what my earlier blog was about. Though my earlier blog covered most of the specs about Apple iPhone’s pretty new device, there was something still pinching me from inside to detail a little further. Screen: The iPhone 5 now has a

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