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Bananas: Internal and External Benefits

'Cavendish' bananas are the main commercial cu...

A walk to the nearby fruit stall and you can eye bananas. Banana is a very healthy source of energy with lots of sugar (glucose, fructose and lactose). These can increase your energy level instantly. I, considerably eat bananas regularly though not every day. Bananas are very resourceful to our health in various ways such as:

– Heart – pumping activity

– Blood – maintain blood sugar level

– Kidneys – keeps away kidney stones

– Bowels – smoothens the bowel movement

– Nerves – for contractions of muscles and nerves

– Bones – reduces excretion of calcium

The yellow covered skin of the banana can also be eaten if boiled and some actually snack on them raw. Few use them in several food recipes and snacks. When it comes to beverages and salads then, I am sure there is no way one can miss banana in it. These are very handy when you are travelling and can give you enough energy until you stop for your lunch or dinner.

Bananas are filled with the following healthy resources:

– Potassium

– Fiber

– Vitamin C

– Vitamin B6

– Tryptophan

– Carbohydrates

– Proteins

Now, that we have come across the nutritional substances in banana. Let’s move on to some of the external use of bananas. The banana’s hard outer layer can be used for skin treatment like burns and scars. Bananas are also used in many facials to improve skin complexion. A regular use of the outer layer of banana from inner side can lighten most of the scars on face and body. If used regularly this can improve your complexion.

It is difficult to find the negative impacts of bananas. If yes, then there should be a genuine rarest case to be so. If you have known any such things please consider to share with me. May be this could help everyone to understand the drawbacks of the healthy favorite fruit we have been discussing about.

However, one cannot live only on intake of bananas but, it is essentially important nutrient in many ways as we have come across till now. I am sure you will find this very useful. Do you have something to say?

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