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Android tips: Simple steps that can help your device perform at its best

Android phones are everywhere and with almost everyone. Though these are the most loved devices of these times, there are few challenges as well those we face to have it well maintained.   There are few things that need to be done to have your

How to block your friends posting photos and comments directly to your Timeline on Facebook?

Facebook has made enormous changes in our lives and also to their own privacy settings every now and then. The privacy settings have been drastically changed over the years Facebook has evolved. How to block your friends posting photos and comments directly to your Timeline?

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Smart Phones, Tablets : Tips to Increase your Gadgets Battery Life

When using gadgets such as smart phones and tablets we come across a very common issue – Low battery. As the applications and OS that’s running on your gadgets eats up all the energy at the time when you least expect it. Specially, if you

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Top 3: Android Smart Phones within a price tag of Rs. 10,000

When it comes to Smartphones we surely know that Android is way forward than that of other competitive one’s. While the Android market is storming with many android phones launching and making waves in the market along with their extra ordinary features and with affordable

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Top 10 changes of Microsoft Windows 8.1

After several rumours hinting at the new features that Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 would bring, the Redmond giant has officially announced some of them through a new blog post taking a “first look.” According to Microsoft Windows 8.1 will not just respond to customer feedback, will add

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A new tabbed interface on Gmail

It is time again to have a different interface when it comes to Gmail. Isn’t it just superb? Google is rolling out a revamped Gmail to all its users starting today promising to put them back in control of their inbox. The new interface allows users to

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Sharing Photos: Free Android Apps to Compress Images

Are you one among those who like me finds it difficult to share images on social networks, emails, photo sharing sites and messaging services due to its file size using your android smartphones? Well, I did face some issues due to this, until I came

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How to increase speed of your Computer

It was time for me to change my old PC and shift to a brand new model and new species of computers around with tremendous speed and huge data space in hard disks. If you did like me then for sure you would have also

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Apps on Smartphone helps you save 22 days of time per year

I have been using smartphones for some time now and yes, these apps on smartphones have greatly saved my time when seated or on the move. These apps are just wonderful and several tasks can be completed without much a hassle. A report was published

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Exclusive Keycode Giveaway on Leawo Blu-ray Player for All Movie Fans

With the appearance of Blu-ray, people eventually realize that compared with DVD, Blu-ray provides better image quality, better sound quality, and more special features. These are the reasons why Blu-ray is becoming more and more popular among HD movie fans. Along with the popularity of

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