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Apps / Utilities to keep duplicate emails free from your device

We use emails for communication these times. Sometimes we have to undergo situations where a single email is received or sent more than once. This results in multiple emails of the same subject and communication. These do provide information that it intends to be but, for two times. This also uses space of your inbox and unwanted emails are stored. You inbox looks larger than it should be.

This does not really affect much of anyone’s processes or personality but, keeping your inbox clean and neat is the work of many successful people. Keeping them organized keeps your work organized. This is what at least I have been thinking about organizing and cleaning up my Inbox. If you intend to clean up your inbox of multiple or duplicate messages then, just go ahead with the options described below. These are just to give enough insight to you that these can be done much faster using small apps/utilities. There are many such utilities or apps if you search for. But, I chose these 3 options for explanation purpose.

  • Outlook:  A small utility called ‘Outlook Duplicate Items Remover’ from is an all-in-one tool for Outlook. Not only does it search for duplicate mails, but goes a step ahead and finds duplicates within contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. The duplicates are not immediately deleted – they are simply moved to a separate folder for inspection and deletion
  • Thunderbird: Thunderbird’s free ‘Remove Duplicate Messages’ add-on scans through your sub-folders at a speed of 1000 messages per second. You can get it to scan and show you duplicates or just delete them directly without any intervention. While deleting the duplicates, you also get the option to retain the bigger/smaller, read/unread, first/last found email.
  • Online: If you’re using an online email client like Gmail or Yahoo, the best way to find duplicates is to set up IMAP with a local email client (like Outlook or Thunderbird). With IMAP, your online mail synced locally with your PC. Then, you can use the previously mentioned ‘Remove Duplicate Messages’ for Thunderbird or ‘Outlook Duplicate Items Remover’ (ODIR) for Outlook.

If this has helped you or you would like to highlight many such apps that can perform much more or even faster and easy to use then, nothing is stopping you here. Please have them shared below for many to benefit from these small yet important apps or utilities.

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One thought on “Apps / Utilities to keep duplicate emails free from your device”

  1. marshal says:


    It is true that user ever faced duplicate email issue in email client application either they are using Outlook or Thunderbird. So if user have outlook duplicate email problem then I would recommend they can try Stellar Phoenix Outlook Duplicate Remover. Software easily remove duplicate email message from outlook PST file without any corruption of original date.

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