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Apple iPhone 5 – Tech spec

The launch of Apple iPhone 5 has been awaited since long. Here it comes with a pack of all good stuff though you cannot consider it to be a ‘WOW’.

There are several changes made in iPhone5 than its predecessor. Here are few things that you would be more than just interested to know. Techolution of Apple iPhone 5.



Apple iPhone review, features and specs. A review

Tech specs that make, Apple iPhone 5.

  • Apple iPhone 5 is extremely light, and glass due to its outer case which is made of aluminium.
  •  There is glass-layer below the surface glass, between which the touch screen sensors are arranged in a normal smartphone. In iPhone 5, these sensors have been embedded in the surface glass layer itself and the second glass layer been eliminated.
  • Many chips like CDMA chips and LET chips have to be embedded if the phone needs to access Wi-Fi and LTE. In the iPhone 5 these are integrated in the A6 processor. (GSM/3G chip has been integrated)
  • The camera lens is of Sapphire glass which is very thin.
  • The Apple iPhone 5 has a nano-SIM card, instead of the micro SIM, which helps save about 0.0037 cubic inches of space.
  • The Lightning connector for iPhone 5 is 80% smaller and so takes up very little space.
  • Wi-Fi devices normally operate in 2.4 GHz frequency. The iPhone 5 makes an automatic switch to the 5 GHz frequency. This switch ensures better broadband speeds due to clean radio signals.

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

  •  5 GHz frequency combined with LTE ensures seamless connectivity and faster downloads.
  • The iPhone 5 has three (3) microphones which cuts noise and ensures more clarity through the beamforming technology.
  • The beamforming technology helps filter out excess room noise. The sound is processed and sent back to the user in the correct signal form.
  • The impact of this: The audio will be crisper and more focuses and it will be easier to make calls even if you are in a noisy room or making a conference call.



the Back of an iPhone 3G White from Apple

 What’s lacking?

  • Though there is LTE, there is no Near-Field Communication facility (NFC). This means that facilities like digital wallets and automatic swipes at toll gates can’t be done.
  • Battery Life: Use of LTE can drain battery life. But iPhone 5 has managed to offer 8 hours of battery life. The A6 processor uses 28nm technology which will further increase battery life.



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