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Apple iPhone 5 – Everything you want to know about

Apple iPhone 5, was what my earlier blog was about. Though my earlier blog covered most of the specs about Apple iPhone’s pretty new device, there was something still pinching me from inside to detail a little further.

  • Screen: The iPhone 5 now has a 4 inch touchscreen as a result of market demand. Apple has increased the screen resolution to 1136 x 640 pixels to offer the same retina quality display as 4S. The screen is 16:9 aspect ratio with 44% improved color saturation. This makes it great for videos and browsing websites. The width is maintained same to that of iPhone 4S. This makes it comfortable to be used with a hand.
  • Camera: Apple iPhone 5 has an 8 megapixel specifications, the same specifications that was in iPhone 4S with back illuminated sensor, hybrid IR filter, and five- element lens and f/2.4 aperture with full HD video recording. In addition, the iPhone 5 camera has a dynamic low light mode along with a spatial noise reduction that gives improved low light pictures. A new panorama mode takes 28 MP panoramic images and automatically compensates for shaky hands. Interestingly, you shoot still images simultaneously while recording a video. Additionally, with the new A6 processor, Apple has included a new image signal processor that makes the camera 40% faster.
  • Hardware: Apple iPhone 5 has a new A6 processor. Apple claims that it is twice as fast as the A5 processor on the iPhone 4S. It is also more power efficient providing up to 8 hours of browsing / talk time on cellular network and 10 hours of video playback. Not officially confirmed, but he iPhone 5 is expected to have 1GB RAM – up from the 512 MB RAM on the iPhone 4S. Storage stays the same at 16/32/64GB with no memory expansion possible. Wireless connectivity now includes 4G/LTE in addition to 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Design: Apple iPhone 5, has redesigned the entire phone to be slimmer (7.6mm) and lighter (112 frams). The new design has a glass front with an anodized aluminum back- the same material used in Apple’s Mac books – while the rear inlays are made of ceramic/pigmented glass. Not only does this make the phone look stylish but also makes it sturdier. The new smaller lightning port is present on the bottom along with the 3.5mm audio port and the loudspeaker.

On a Negative Note:

Possibly the biggest issue that many existing Apple users will face is because of the new Lightning connector. In one shot, it alienates thousands of accessories like bed stands, speaker docks and charging accessories. Apple will be selling a Lightning to 30 pin adapter to enable some backwards compatibility. Some may also complain the lack of NFC, wireless charging or that there is no significant battery improvement compared to the iPhone 4S. Finally, the increased screen resolution means that apps will run in its original resolution, the phone will center the app with black bars on either side until the developers update the apps.

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