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Android tips: Simple steps that can help your device perform at its best

Android phones are everywhere and with almost everyone. Though these are the most loved devices of these times, there are few challenges as well those we face to have it well maintained.


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There are few things that need to be done to have your Android phone perform like new always. Though these do not guarantee the worn out parts of the device but, all you can do is try these simple steps to have it long last in your hands with sheer joy and satisfaction.

Periodically clean out messages and Gallery:

Now that you have owned your phone for a while, chances are you have thousands of texts, photos and videos stored on your device memory. You can take a backup of all essential data and clean out stuff – starting from the oldest first. Since these apps won’t have to cache as much data, they’ll load much faster.

How much Free Phone Memory do you have?

Even if you have 16GB storage, some of that is taken up by the operating system and essential apps. You should keep at least 2GB of that free. Move all non-essential data and apps to the external memory card using the file manager and a free app called App2SD. Isn’t it great to have options?

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Does the Stock Launcher Slow you down:

With all new devices and gadgets rolling over with time, the phone manufacturers tend to use heavy interfaces with animations and features that you may never use in many cases. But, there is option. You can download Nova Launcher from the app store to give your device an instant speed boost. It is also way more customizable than the stock interface that you get.

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Live Wallpapers use up Processor Bandwidth:

With so many live wallpapers around we tend to use them for our phones and devices. But, using live (animated) wallpaper on your device uses up a fair bit of processing power – power that could actually be put to use by making apps load up faster and making the interface smoother. For most of the devices switch off your live wallpaper and you will see a good battery life than the earlier one.

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