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Handful of colors and a master piece

I have been seeing many art exhibition details in the local news paper for some time now. I haven’t been to any such exhibitions all my life but, longing to go to one. I have always wondered how clean and colorful yet so plain language it speaks to the other person who views a painting.

It is an amazing talent which is foreseen in many children. Many children do some kind of sketching of cartoons or a small sunflower at the school coloring and painting classes. This activity allows the child to bring in lots of ideas to use as many as colors possible and build their creativity. I have seen many using the regular normal colors to paint their sketch that is little wobbling. However, it’s also amazing to see few children using a color of their own which they might have imagined about what if the colors were different from the regular available in nature.

Arts and painting is a completely creative base for anyone who wants to opt for. Few take it up as their passion in coming years to develop their skills to their professionalism. I am sure even you would have tried it since long or yet may be helping your child to draw, sketch or color an idea that belongs to each one of us, very own of us indeed.

When you strive hard to finish off your everyday rumble in work and retire home back and see your child creating something which he has never been so good at. What will your first reaction be of it? I am sure it’s a very thrilling moment to see your child at the top of his creativity and you may crawl up next to your child and discuss the notion of it.

Today there are several artists who are everywhere around the world. Let us not forget that these celebrities in the field of art were children sometime back and they did their pieces of art the way your children are doing today. This might have taken a long time to discover the talent or passion one holds in their life.

There are many parents who enroll their children for art classes by looking at their child’s interest. I really appreciate the parents who do so. It’s just a learning stage for a child and very building opportunity to the elders.

What are your views? Did you ever create a good piece of painting? Did you not enjoy doing so when you were a child? How about spending a little time with your child to help him bring out his imagination?


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John Anthony

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  1. India says:

    In the complicated world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

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